Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day 6

The Mind Body Pilates Challenge workouts are available exclusively for The Balanced Life Sisterhood.

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Hi Beauties!

In today’s 15-minute Pilates workout, you’ll strengthen and sculpt the muscles of your core to sculpt your middle and tone your waistline.


You’ll work the muscles of your core with a special focus on the obliques (ab muscles that run along the side of your waist) to create a strong, sleek and balanced body.


By now, you’ve heard me mention The Balanced Life Sisterhood, and I’ll be sharing more about it as the challenge continues.

Our entire membership was strategically designed to make it EASY and CONVENIENT for you to:

– stay consistent with your workouts

– workout from home and on your own time

– nourish your body with healthy meals

– receive support and motivation on a daily basis

– prioritize your health

– turn Pilates into a lifestyle that helps you become the healthiest, happiest, version of yourself

As soon as you become a member you can set up your profile, start browsing workouts, and continue your journey toward a healthier, more balanced, Pilates-inspired life.

Join our community today, Robin, there are thousands of women ready to welcome you in and cheer you on!

Public enrollment closed on Thursday, June 28th, but you can sign up for for The Balanced Life Sisterhood Waitlist here.



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What I’m Wearing:

Lorna Jane Trikonasana Core F/L Tight // Zella Bri Lite Camisole


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  1. Marianne 8 months ago

    Day 6 core! Challenging for sure but loved it. Looking forward to more. Thanks again

  2. Sally 8 months ago

    Sticking with it. Found today challenging. Sleep tight

  3. Carol 8 months ago

    Day 6 done ✅. It was great!

  4. Judy 8 months ago

    That felt great! Thx for another wonderful workout!

  5. Kaity 8 months ago

    Day 6 complete! Some challenging moves. I find myself wishing I could peek into Day 7! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow!

  6. RJ 8 months ago

    Another day done. ✔ Thank you!

  7. Peggy 8 months ago

    Couple days behind, but I’m really enjoying this! You can always find 15 minutes in your day!. Thank you!

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