Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day 5

Hi Beauties!

Our Mind Body Pilates Challenge workouts are all available in our membership site: The Balanced Life Sisterhood.
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After 4 days of hard work, today’s 15-minute Pilates routine is designed to help you stretch, relax and let go.

I’ll lead you through stretches and breathing exercises to improve flexibility, release tension, and increase blood flow. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

You’ll end this workout feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the day!


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  1. jane 4 weeks ago

    lovely stretches Loving it

  2. Elizabeth 4 weeks ago

    Great stretch! Much needed going into the weekend.

  3. Vicki 4 weeks ago

    Love the stretches 🙂 Thanks again Robin..another great day.

  4. Robyn 4 weeks ago

    Today was exactly what I needed. Thank you.

  5. Patti 4 weeks ago

    Great feeling with today’s stretches. 🙏

  6. Mary 4 weeks ago

    Wonderful once more thank you

  7. Pam 4 weeks ago

    Feels good. Thanks Robin!

  8. Char 4 weeks ago

    Needed the stretch

  9. Nancy Koland 4 weeks ago

    Thanks Robin this felt so good. Thinking of my act of kindness. Will get back to you.

  10. Colleen 4 weeks ago

    Absolutely love the stretching. I really need to find some to do while standing and not on all fours (because of shoulder issues). My RAK was to give a friend a homemade card reminding her that she is an awesome person and a wonderful Mom. She has had some issues with her kids lately and this just really reminded her how special she is even though she wasn’t so sure some days. I also paid for coffee for the person in line behind me at the drive thru at the local coffee shop. Hope they did the same for the person behind them.

    • Sarah Stoll 4 weeks ago

      How thoughtful, Colleen! Thank you for spreading kindness!

  11. Ty 4 weeks ago

    Day 5 done and feeling energized
    Thank you!

  12. Mary Lynch 4 weeks ago

    This workout was just what I needed today.
    My random act of kindness is when I get my coffee at the local coffee shop, to pay for an extra one for the next person who comes in for coffee.

  13. Elizabeth 4 weeks ago

    This was perfect timing. I missed doing the challenge first thing after waking because I was too exhausted from this week. Then found myself so frustrated because my 3 yr old doesn’t transfer from van to bed when he falls asleep en route. Got him asleep and did this routine. Perfect.

  14. Sue 4 weeks ago

    Very peaceful work out. Robin you are an awesome instructor,

  15. Ingrid 4 weeks ago

    Major de-stress feeling so much more at peace with myself Robin Day #5 complete 🙂

  16. Karen 4 weeks ago

    Really enjoyed the stretches! Going to send a Starbuck’s ecard to a friend whom I miss since moving to let her know I’m thinking of her.

  17. Ewa 4 weeks ago

    OMG! I was so exhausted today I though I might skip the session. And what a wonderful surprise – relaxation and stretches!!!! This workout has worked magic for me!!! All my love Robin!! Thank you so much!!!

  18. Lisa 4 weeks ago

    I am really enjoying this challenge!!

  19. Michelle Bartfai 4 weeks ago

    Day 5 complete. Great stretches! Thank you, I am learning alot! 🙂

  20. Kathy 4 weeks ago

    Due to a busy day, I had to wait until evening to do today’s workout. Perfect timing for a stretch and relax!

  21. Nadine 4 weeks ago

    Wonderful stretches. A great way to begin to relax. for the weekend. It’s hard to find the time to do this but I’m glad I did.

  22. Lisa 4 weeks ago

    Almost skipped today….forgot till I was ready for bed. Nice way to end a hard grumpy day. Glad I didn’t crawl into bed without doing this. Thanks.

  23. Cathy 4 weeks ago

    I too missed my morning workout but just finished it! Turns out, Pilates with a glass of wine is double-relaxing!! ; ) My RAK was sharing KIND bars with my team at our weekly meeting today! Thanks Robin and TBL team!!

  24. Shirley 4 weeks ago

    Loved this , thanks

  25. Christine 4 weeks ago

    Robin, Completed Day 5 Yah! I am enjoying this 10 day challenge and must say feeling the benefits already. Smiled today with the open book stretch as I hardly made a dint on the first count however noticed a lot more movement on the last one but not even close to where you got – MY! another challenge and goal for me to get to.. Thank You

  26. Kay lewis 3 weeks ago

    So glad I joined this, thankuou

  27. Mary Ann Long 3 weeks ago

    Love the stretch!!! Felt so goog. There were areas in my chest and back that hadn’t been stretched in a long time.

  28. Heidi 3 weeks ago

    Loving all of these workouts and stretches. Feels so good to stop and do this for myself everyday. Thank you!

  29. Jeanette 3 weeks ago

    This was absolutely amazing!! I needed to stretch, I have been so tense. Thank you Robin! By far this is my favorite part of the 10 day challenge.

  30. Caroline 2 weeks ago

    I signed up for the free 10 day challenge but I was unable to do,it at the time and now I cannot access each day. Is it no longer available to me?

    • Sarah Stoll 2 weeks ago

      Hi Caroline!

      Now that the 10-Day challenge is over, the workouts are available for The Balanced Life Sisterhood Members. The Sisterhood is a monthly/annual subscription to a community dedicated to health, wellness, and balance. You can find more information about The Sisterhood, here:

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

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