Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day 4

Hi Beauties!

After running these challenges for the past 5 years, I’ve noticed there are two types of people…

There are those that:

  • sign up
  • get excited
  • start the challenge
  • and then drop off

They go right back to their old ways.

These are the same kind of people who get excited about New Year’s resolutions, start going to the gym, but lose steam within the first two weeks.

Then there’s the second type of person.

This is the person who:

  • signs up
  • gets excited
  • makes a REAL commitment to themselves
  • completes the challenge
  • And continues on to transform their life, their health and the health of their families as well

I want to show you how to be the second type of person.

Do you want that too?

If so, join me tonight.

>> LIVE CLASS on Facebook at 6:00pm PT // 9:00pm EST! <<

The class will take place live on The Balanced Life Facebook page.

I’ll be sharing:

  • what makes the difference between person #1 and person #2
  • how to make sure you stay motivated
  • practical tips & tricks to help you finish this challenge and see results

Let’s get moving…

Today’s 15-minute Pilates workout utilizes light weights to build strength and improve muscle tone.

Weights are totally optional – feel free to improvise by using water bottles or cans of soup if you don’t have weights at home!

CLICK HERE for today’s workout on YouTube.

Set a phone reminder….I’ll see you on Facebook tonight for a live chat at 6:00pm PT // 9:00pm EST!


PS:  For a good laugh and a reminder that I’m FAR from perfect (no matter how polished things may look online), check out this blooper reel from filming for the Mind Body Pilates Challenge! 🙂


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What I’m Wearing:

Zella Epic Clean Block Ankle Leggings // Zella Bri Lite Camisole


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  1. jane 10 months ago

    great workout Struggled with sit ups as unable to lift whole body but came up so far and felt it in my tummy muscles Great workout again loving it

  2. Jossia 10 months ago

    Day 4 done 👌🏽👍🏼

  3. susan 10 months ago

    great workout for abs but unfortunately couldn’t do the last exercise never mind enjoying everyday new challenges

  4. Ingrid 10 months ago

    Day 4 complete feeling so much better loving the workout look forward to it each morning. UK

  5. Beth 10 months ago

    Is there another exersise to do instead of the last one ? Or could there be an exersise of a similar Benefit ? Love this program and thank you Robin❤️

  6. Barbara Reynolds 10 months ago

    Yes, weights with roll-ups are EASIER! Thanks for that tip! Towel behind back helps too! Finished #4…..thanks, Robin!

  7. Sue 10 months ago

    Adding the weights was awesome for day four!

    • jan 10 months ago

      i agree. this might be another way for me to rehab. thanks Robin.

  8. Nancy 10 months ago

    Love this, it’s a little hard on my wrist, they both broken when I was young. But I did my best. I also did day 3, I forgot to check in. thanks again Robin

  9. Vicki 10 months ago

    Day 4 done 🙂 thank you

  10. Joni 10 months ago

    Finished day4 and loved it! I have a frozen shoulder but I pushed myself to do all the exercises on that side!

  11. Pam 10 months ago

    Done! Feeling so good to move and be challenged to get stronger. Just enough to push with frustration. Your encouraging and cues are super! Thanks Robin.

  12. Wanda 10 months ago

    Had the day off due to icy weather. Did Days 1 – 4 at one time. WOW!! So strengthening and challenging. I am HORRIBLE at side planks and arm dips!! Not too good at the last weight series on one leg–but I will do those two workouts again and will be better next time. Both of my yoga classes were cancelled this week due to weather, so these workouts were just what I needed. If I move these videos to my Exercise Folder in my email, will I have them forever? Or, are they only available during this Challenge? Thank you for inspiring us!!!

  13. Freda 10 months ago

    Yowza! The weights made a difference. Great workout!

  14. Ty 10 months ago

    Day 4 done! Yay!!

  15. Wendy Howitt 10 months ago

    Day 4 completed and like the three previous I found it tough, but this shows me how much I need to improve my core strength.

  16. Sarah Phillips 10 months ago

    Done today’s work out. It’s great had trouble either day 2 or 3 really feel it in my legs. Helping relieve strained muscles in glutinous maximous looking forward to tomorrow’s.

  17. Kathy 10 months ago

    Excellent workout today!

  18. Colleen 10 months ago

    Another great workout with many modifications. Can’t do roll ups or anything requiring shoulder strength. I am not giving up though. I just do an exercise similar in motion but standing.
    I have 2 positive thoughts to pass along….Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day. And second….All things are possible if you have the mind set to make it happen.
    Have a wonderful rest of the day and looking forward to tomorrow.

  19. G 10 months ago

    Feeling so proud of myself. Day 4 done!!

  20. Michelle Bartfai 10 months ago

    Day 4 complete. This one was tough but it felt great at the end. Thank you. 🙂

  21. Sonja 10 months ago

    I think you answered this question before but couldnt find it…My wrists hurt terribly when I am on all fours or especially during push ups. Is there a way to build them up or a modification?

    • Sarah Stoll 10 months ago

      Hi Sonja! It may be helpful to do the pushups on a chair or ottoman to reduce pressure – or against the wall! You might also consider creating fists, instead of flat palms to reduce pressure!

  22. Karen 10 months ago

    Day 4 done! Thanks.

  23. MaryAnn 10 months ago

    Day 4 – done.
    Couldn’t believe it was over so fast.
    Got a little further on the roll up than Day 1. Progress.

  24. Shirley 10 months ago

    Day 4 done! A little tough, balance off a little. I had to catch up a little as we went even stop till next move but got through it all. Hope. Trying to end on a positive note. 🙌👍😘

  25. Jenni D. 10 months ago

    Day 4 done!

  26. Shirley 10 months ago

    Day 4 Done, great workout!

  27. Esther 10 months ago

    It’s sad when I couldn’t get 15 minutes yesterday (Day 3), but that isn’t stopping me. Miss a day, no problem … I took time for myself to get back on track and did Day 3 and Day 4 today and I’m feeling good. The weights were an awesome addition and my whole body is feeling it. My core continues to scream “mercy” but I know I’m getting stronger every day! Thank you Robin, this challenge is amazing!

    Bring on Day 5!!

  28. Melanie Reynolds 10 months ago

    I loved Robin’s encouragement to stop the internal conversation of negative thoughts that we as women tend to have with ourselves. I also loved her statement of advice to tell ourselves we are doing the best we can. I have been in the sisterhood since 2016. I love how Robin has added a mental health component to this challenge. Thank you Robin for being a guiding light and mentor for me to practice Pilates and work on good mental health practices.

  29. Marie 10 months ago

    Had a horrible long day at the office yesterday and frankly was exhausted by the time I got home. I never get up st 5 am but today day 5, I woke up out of guilt to do my day 4 on day 5. Lol! I love day 4 workout! I can already great arms for Spring!

  30. Marie 10 months ago

    *I can already see great arm for spring

  31. Char 10 months ago

    Day 4done on day 5. Two days together

  32. Colette Jones 10 months ago

    Day 4 done wow it was hard

  33. Mary Ann Long 10 months ago

    Day 4 done eith rests and modificationsMM

  34. Debbie 10 months ago

    Day 3 and 4 done together. The last exercise on Day 4 was really tough (first leg doable but other leg almost impossible). Need strength so will keep going. Great workouts. Recommending you all over the place! Thanks Robin and team

  35. Liesl 10 months ago

    I just love your style, your attitude, your positivity!
    Thanks for inspiring me.

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