Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day 3

Hi Beauties!

Our Mind Body Pilates Challenge workouts are all available in our membership site: The Balanced Life Sisterhood.
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Today I’m leading you through a lower body Pilates workout designed to tone, strengthen, and lengthen.

In just 15 minutes, you’ll work your entire lower body: toning your legs, sculpting your booty, and strengthening your pelvic floor. This is a perfect go-to routine when your lower body needs a lift.

Sneak it into your day today and let us know how it goes!



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What I’m Wearing:

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  1. Lisa 5 months ago

    Day 3 Done, was up did it at 4:30 This morning.

  2. Stephanie 5 months ago

    Loving this challenge and determined to continue Pilates on a daily basis, I have missed my Pilates classes recently due to child’s illness and Mums health.
    Life goes on but we can always find 30 minutes for ourselves if we value our health!

    • Sarah Stoll 5 months ago

      I love that you are taking care of yourself like this, Stephanie! We are cheering for you!

  3. Ana 5 months ago

    Day 3 in the books! I love starting my day with Pilates! Thanks Robin!

  4. Joan 5 months ago

    Day three…. direct from the bed to the pilates mat! A day of travel so feel fit to go!

  5. Vicki 5 months ago

    Enjoyed day 3, and grateful, I found this 10 day Challenge, thank you Robin 🙂

  6. Laura 5 months ago

    Day 3 done. We’ll see if we can go up any stairs today! Thank you, I’m enjoying the challenge very much.

  7. Jennifer Saint Amour 5 months ago

    Day 3 complete!! Loving this series! I CAN DO 15 minutes everyday! Thanks, Robin!

  8. Christa Brown 5 months ago

    Robin, I’m really enjoying the thoughtful goals you’ve been cueing in these challenges towards the connection to my mental health (& it’s not just physical health!). I use some of these same strategies as part of my motivational interviewing strategies as a dietitian, and what I’m realizing is I needed a dose myself! Focusing on rest and setting myself a goal to allow negative thoughts to exit out of my brain through a deep relaxing breath, it’s what I’ve been needing. I’m so glad to have found you!

  9. Sue 5 months ago

    Rejuvenating start for the day! Day three was great.

  10. Wendy Howitt 5 months ago

    Day 3 completed. I enjoyed it but still found it quite tough, especially the leg ones. I felt the burn well and truly. Thank you Robin see you for tomorrow’s challenge.

  11. Colleen 5 months ago

    Day 3 done again with some modifications for my shoulder. Instead of being on all 4s I did those exercises standing. I feel like I got a good work out. Thanks for the encouragement everyone and especially you Robin. I am so grateful to be able to do the things I can do. Looking forward to Day 4.

  12. Colette Jones 5 months ago

    Day 3 done so far my best class!

  13. Charlotte VanderBent 5 months ago

    Day 3 done! Love those crazy birds!

  14. Corinne 5 months ago

    Really enjoying these sessions. Thank you 😊

  15. Liz 5 months ago

    Really enjoyed today’s session. By far the best one for me, so far. Thanks.

    • Sarah Stoll 5 months ago

      Thank you, Liz! We love that you are joining us!

  16. Jane 5 months ago

    Loved it and I can feel it already in my thigh and buttocks

  17. Maria Vassilaki 5 months ago

    Done day #3! Many thanks Robin and team!!

  18. bev 5 months ago

    thanks, loving it
    will these be available to watch on repeat after the 10 days are over?

  19. Michelle Bartfai 5 months ago

    Great lower body workout! Day 3 complete. Thank you. 🙂

  20. J 5 months ago

    Day 3 – all done ✅

  21. susan 5 months ago

    Day 3 feeling stronger

  22. Char 5 months ago

    Day 3 done 🙂

  23. Char 5 months ago

    done 🙂

  24. Kathy 5 months ago

    Day 3 Completed! Muscle cramping so definitely need some more work on those areas.

  25. Nadine 5 months ago

    9.30 pm day 3 all done. Great workout. I finally found a pilates routine that is interesting and challenging.

  26. MaryAnn 5 months ago

    Done. Wow feeling the burn from day 1 & 2. Just before I started day 3. Can’t wait till tomorrow.

  27. Jennifer Davis 5 months ago

    Day 3 Done. :o)

  28. Shirley 5 months ago

    Day 3 done, great workout. Really needed the focus on these areas! Greatful
    For yesterday, today and tomorrow!

  29. Wanda K 5 months ago

    This was a “Kick Ass” workout ;0) Love these little 15 minutes of me time and if I find myself with more time to spare I just do another one of these. Thanks!

  30. Destiney Volkel 5 months ago

    I could really feel the tightness in my hips. I need to focus on this area while building strength.

  31. Debbie 5 months ago

    Raining today so no walk first, so Day 3 done and will do Day 4 today to catch up. Lots of muscle cramps…I think my body is trying to tell me I need to do this. Enjoying it!

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