Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day 3

Hi Beauties!

Have you already missed a workout? No guilt, no shame, it’s only day 3 and you still have an entire week of workouts ahead of you to benefit from.

Here at The Balanced Life we’re all about ditching the “all or nothing” mentality and as soon as you take the pressure off of yourself to be “perfect,” it’s easier to stick with it.

So just jump right back in today and let’s keep moving forward!

Today I’m leading you through a lower body Pilates workout designed to tone, strengthen, and lengthen so that you can experience the same thing.

In just 15 minutes, you’ll work your entire lower body: toning your legs, sculpting your booty, and strengthening your pelvic floor. This is a perfect go-to routine when your lower body needs a lift.

I’m willing to bet you have a lot going on in your life. A lot of good things, but also a lot of hard things. Things that weigh on your mind and leave you feeling uneasy or unsettled.

Our Mindfulness Assignment for day 3 is going to help you focus on the positive today. Because even when life is hard, there is always something to be grateful for. 


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What I’m Wearing:

Lorna Jane Gentle Support F/L Tight // Lole Jane Tank

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  1. Jackie 9 months ago

    I’ve loved this 15 minutes! I’ve adjusted the ones involving leaning on knees as I’ve had a knee replacement last October. I lay out flat and work the legs which seemed to work! If you think I should just repeat movements that don’t involve the knee I will if what I’m doing is no good!
    I did do Pilates some four years ago but knees were too painful but I feel great at the moment.

    • lucy 9 months ago

      hi there im reading your comment and i had bilateral partials in july. im just slowly getting back into a reg exercise routine and thought id start w this challenge. i enjoy her workouts very much but day 3 last few exercises i couldnt do…going onto my knees is not doable at this time.. i need to work on strengthening as all muscle tome has vanished.. would love alternates for the last few exercises. enjoy the challenge. day 4 here we come…

    • Jana-Lee 9 months ago

      I too have had bilateral knee replacements. After a year or so I can now kneel but now I use 1 inch dense foam mat. I also do yoga so it has been a big help to me. Happy exercising♡

  2. Jo 9 months ago

    Day 3 completed and surprisingly feeling a lot better. Thank you.

  3. Judi Sowder 9 months ago

    loving your workouts in this challenge, but did not get this one in my mailbox like I did for 1 and 2 had to search for it.

    • Becky Nobach 9 months ago

      Hi Judi! Thanks for letting us know — we recommend you check your spam/junk mail folders first to see if it landed there. Otherwise, please email us at [email protected] and we can help you!

  4. Deb 9 months ago

    Thank you; I enjoyed today’s challenge and appreciate the mindfulness homework…I am putting my list to paper now! Thank you and hope you have a restful day!

  5. Catherine Smart 9 months ago

    Day 3 complete! I missed yesterday so did Day 2 & 3 together!

  6. Laks 9 months ago

    Whether Male can do your program or is it applicable to female?

    • Becky Nobach 9 months ago

      Great question! Pilates is a great form of exercise for everyone! At The Balanced Life, we definitely gear our communication towards women, but all are welcome. 🙂

      • laks 9 months ago

        Thanks for clarification

  7. Jeanne 9 months ago

    Love this so far, looking forward for tomorrow’s

  8. Donna 9 months ago

    Feeling the burn. Love getting started know I was successful.

  9. Ann Gillam 9 months ago

    Robin, you are outstanding and your workouts are clear, enjoyable, and doable! This is my second year of Pilates practice and you suit me to a “P”!

  10. Sarah 9 months ago

    Loving these! Amazing how much I felt this one working in just 15 minutes!

  11. Vicki 9 months ago

    Day 3 done. Feeling great.

  12. Melissa 9 months ago

    I’m loving these quick workouts. Robin is so easy to follow. The workout is challenging but doesn’t leave me feeling defeated because I couldn’t do it. It’s just enough!

  13. Paula 9 months ago

    I am loving these Pilates videos, the fastest 15 minutes of my day. Your instructions are clear, and the cues that you give…well it feels like you are in the room with me! Thank you 😊

  14. Madelyn Rothman 9 months ago

    Thoroughly enjoying these workouts. I did not get yesterday’s sent me email

    • Becky Nobach 9 months ago

      Hi Madelyn! We’re glad you enjoyed the workout. 🙂 Please check your spam/junk folders and if you still can’t find it, email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help!

  15. Shirley Greaves 9 months ago

    Really good workout again today. I really felt it in my thighs which i am really pleased about as they are quite weak. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  16. Kirsty 9 months ago

    I’ve just completed Day 3?Yes I am feeling it 😊

  17. Angela 9 months ago

    Thank you. This old lady made it through another work out.

  18. Nicole A Pierskalla 9 months ago

    Great excercise today!! Thank you! Greatful for life, health, my family and being able to spend time with my sister and family! Greatful for my Mary Kay Business that lets me design my life! Thank you Lord for all you have given me! #blessed

  19. Rebecca 9 months ago

    Feeling good and better. This work out challenge is not only physically but also mentally. It works to me. Thank you!

    • Becky Nobach 9 months ago

      Yay! That’s what this challenge was created for so we love hearing your experience!

  20. Sharon Hartley 9 months ago

    Really enjoyed this workout today,roll on tomorrow

  21. Nilaja Whitaker 9 months ago

    Day 3 Done ✅!!!! Thanks 🙏🏾 Robin! Great burn🔥. My legs and booty needed that🙌🏾!!

  22. Rachelle 9 months ago

    yay! did day 3!

  23. Helenor 9 months ago

    Day 3 really good workout thank you xx

  24. Janet Foote 9 months ago

    Great workout! Gratefulness journaling will be easier than remembering to take the deep breaths yesterday, only accomplished that a few times.

  25. Kelly Stephens 9 months ago

    Loved all 3 days so far, very grateful for the quick work outs that are working so far, I’m feeling the burn.

    Thank you so much from Canada

  26. mayra 9 months ago

    Thank you Robin!!! This Pilates challenge is really coming handy with my mental health 🙂

  27. Lilly Petru 9 months ago

    Great workout! I like your clear explanation.

    • Becky Nobach 9 months ago

      Thanks, Lilly! WE are glad you are enjoying the workouts!

  28. Cindy L Bass 9 months ago

    New thought for me…I imagine myself on the beach in Santa Monica!!Great workout this morning. Thanks Robin.

  29. Angela 9 months ago

    Loved today’s workout. Thankyou! 🌻

  30. Sandi smith 9 months ago

    Really enjoying these workouts, certainly keeps you interested being only 15 min
    Works well with busy schedules
    Thank you 😊

  31. Diane 9 months ago

    Day 3 done. Moves felt really good. Have a great day everyone!!

  32. Angela Wood 9 months ago

    Hi guys sometimes the email comes as junk mail so check normal and junk really enjoying this thank you

  33. Anna 9 months ago

    Great day 3 workout. I am grateful for you helping all of us.

  34. Elisha 9 months ago

    Definitely felt the burn today 🔥! Great workout. Seemed to go by so fast. I am really enjoying the program!

  35. Kathy in the UK 9 months ago

    Day 3 complete! Yeah….happy with that, doing double duty on the mindful task, both yesterday’s and today’s, relaxing every hour, decompressing and taking the time for gratitude!🧘‍♀️ Namaste xx

  36. Susan Slater 9 months ago

    Day 3 achieved better than yesterday did whilst evening meal slowly cooking instead of social media win win eh! Day 4 ready positive thinking I will achieve this 😀

  37. Nicci 9 months ago

    Day #3completed

  38. Heather MacKenzie 9 months ago

    Done day 3

  39. Deborah 9 months ago

    Day 3: Done
    I found lifting my heels in straight bridge surprising very difficult. My legs starting shaking right away. I have a lot of inflammation around my right ankle due to an old injury. Is it an area I need to work on or should I avoid putting weight on my ankles?

    • Becky Nobach 9 months ago

      Hi Deborah! It’s hard for us to give personal advice over the internet so we always recommend checking with an in-person instructor or medical care team. It sounds like if it isn’t causing you pain, it may be that your muscles are fatiguing and it will take building strength to improve. 🙂

  40. Lena O'Reilly 9 months ago

    Day 3 done really really enjoyed the session today. Seems little less of effort hope that’s a good thing. Many thanks lena

  41. Judith 9 months ago

    I’ve loved all 3 sessions so far

  42. Judith 9 months ago

    I’ve loved all 3 sessions so far
    Looking forward to the next 7

  43. Annie 9 months ago

    Great routines have done 2 and 3 together as I missed last night. The routines go by very quickly. Can’t do the roll ups without lifting my feet yet.

  44. Brenda 9 months ago

    I’m really enjoying this! I had a color cancellation today and thought,” Why not get this in real quick (15 minutes!!) as I work at home. Yay! I am telling you I felt it so much and the stretches she had us do after each side were exactly what made the burn feel better. I am amazed at home much better I feel in 3 days!! Robin is easy to follow and says just what a new beginner needs to hear. Thank you! I’m a big believer in a gratitude journal (but don’t have one going right now until today’s mindfulness tip!) This is really, really good!

  45. Maz 9 months ago

    Did day 3 even with my bad back getting more confidence as I progress. Come on everyone stick with it. It really works xxx

  46. Linda 9 months ago

    Even though it’s 9pm I was determined to complete day 3. They were tough moves but I enjoyed them. I’m really enjoying the 15 minute me time. Thank you 😊

  47. Linda Long 9 months ago

    Day 3 done sticking to it my back feels so much better.

  48. Claire 9 months ago

    Just finished work and come home and done day 3 not sure if I’m doing some of the move correctly but I’m really enjoying it. 😊💪

  49. Sonya 9 months ago

    Ive just started on day 3, i missed the first couple, work & life have been busy…. but really it is only 15 mins so should be able to pinch 15 min of me time, no more excuses, time to give it a go and i have managed it. Woo I really enjoyed it, didnt realise how good it felt to work these muscles until you stretch and use them. Hoping i can access the 1st 2 days and still give them a go.

    • Becky Nobach 9 months ago

      Hi Sonya! Yes, you can access the workouts for the duration of the challenge (plus a few extra days to make up). We hope you enjoy them!

  50. Tess Kirk 9 months ago

    just finished day 3! Love these particular exercises. Thank you – so grateful for you and your team!

  51. Susan Tondreaus 9 months ago

    Starting on day 3 whoops!!! Not sure if this is ok when I had a hip replacement 2 years ago.Im not pushing myslf to hard on the right leg/hip.Am I ok to carry on?

    • Elisabeth Callahan 9 months ago

      Hi Susan! We can’t give personal advice over the internet, so always recommend checking with your medical provider or an in-person Pilates instructor as they can better access your unique needs. It sounds like you are taking it easy and listening to your body, which is great!

  52. Josie 9 months ago

    Great workout! I love that I can feel it in just 15 minutes👍🏻 Do you do any cardio or Hit along with your Pilates?

    • Elisabeth Callahan 9 months ago

      Sometimes Josie, but Robin mostly just does Pilates! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  53. Susan 9 months ago

    Started with Day #3. I didn’t realize how much it burned!! Will be looking forward to Day #4.

  54. Pauline 9 months ago

    Love these workouts!

  55. Marikou 9 months ago

    I love all the workouts.. i’v Always feel great after..

  56. Ivonne 9 months ago

    Great workout. Legs is so much easier for me than abs & arms (day 2). I’m learning about my strengths and weaknesses. Working to improving my overall well being.

  57. Denise 9 months ago

    Great day 3!

  58. Marcie 9 months ago

    Day 3 is done! It is almost midnight and almost time for Day 4, but I did it! And am soooo enjoying this workout!

  59. artisto 9 months ago

    Gratitude list—- grestful for your short burst of sun,ocean, good vibes, and xercise

    • Tiffany 9 months ago

      Day 3 was amazing!
      Thank you ❤

  60. Cindy 9 months ago

    I can feel them from yesterday and today, which as you said, is good!
    Again, love your pleasant session on the beach, birds and all!!
    I keep a gratitude journal daily so that’s nice and easy!

  61. Kate 9 months ago

    I did it – feeling it now but feel stretched!!

  62. Julia Holland 9 months ago

    Just caught up day 3 after missing it yesterday, great workout again, sppokily you always seem to correct my positioning exactly as I feel it, great tuition…..now on to today’s day 4 workout 🙂….

  63. Melissa 9 months ago

    I am a day behind. But I am sticking with it. Keep the workouts coming !

  64. Daniela 9 months ago

    I started late and just finished day 3, but I am motivated to get through each day. Thank you Robin for your encouragement and very clear instructions!!

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