Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day 2

Hi Beauties!

Our Mind Body Pilates Challenge workouts are all available in our membership site: The Balanced Life Sisterhood.
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Today’s 15-minute Pilates routine is designed to strengthen your abs and sculpt your arms. This routine has a special focus on the mid-section and upper body. You’ll end the workout feeling longer, stronger, and taller!

Commit to finding 15 minutes to sneak in your workout today. I know you can do it!



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  1. Catriona Barnes 11 months ago

    Hi, day 2 done! Found it hard to keep up with your pace today but got there.

  2. Liz 11 months ago

    Today’s session was quite a challenge but I did it! Have a long way to go before I’ll be able to do some of the moves!

    • Pam 11 months ago

      Done. Thank you again. Challenge but doable. Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Sarah Stoll 11 months ago

      Great work, Liz!

  3. Josssia 11 months ago

    Day one and two done 🤗

  4. susan 11 months ago

    love these challenges I’m only a beginner so couldn’t keep up but nevertheless enjoyed it

    • Sarah Stoll 11 months ago

      We are so glad to have you joining us, Susan! 🙂

  5. Lori 11 months ago

    Are there any modifications you’d suggest to avoid worsening Diastasis Recti? I’m 3 months PP and supposed to be avoiding crunch-type exercises.

  6. Vicki 11 months ago

    Found challenge 2, a bit more difficult for me. Modified and done. Thank you.

  7. Joan 11 months ago

    Day two done! Challenging but I loved when you said we will be in control of our bodies so I kept going!!

  8. Linda 11 months ago

    Done most of it was a little had in some bits but another day done .

  9. jane 11 months ago

    loved it found it challenging on some moves but managed them slowly

  10. Sue 11 months ago

    Pilates does a body good! Thanks for day two.

  11. Tessa 11 months ago

    Me too, ladies! Had to modify a lot, but I did it! Yay us!

  12. Wendy Howitt 11 months ago

    Day 2 completed. I found the tricep dips and the planks hard, I did modify on the planks and on the dips I carried these out on a chair but could only manage 5 at at time, so improvement for me would be to increase these till I get to ten without stopping. Enjoyed day 2 though.

  13. Ronnie 11 months ago

    I found the roll ups to be hard, but worked through it… Also had a migraine today so that provided more pain than I wanted but I’m determined to work through it to get all the work outs…

    Question for you, will we have access to the work out after the challenge?

  14. Heather 11 months ago

    3 months postpartum here. Thank you so much for the encouragement and the free workouts. Mama needs her abs back!

  15. Nancy Koland 11 months ago

    2nd day done, that was a challenge for me. Feels good though. Thanks again.

  16. Jenni D. 11 months ago

    Day 2 complete. I modified a lot. My abs have a long way to go.

  17. Rachael 11 months ago

    Done, Day 2. Thank you!

  18. Lisa 11 months ago

    I done it found it harder but thankyou and can’t wait for tomorrow 😊

  19. Elisa 11 months ago

    Thank you Robin! I love you!!

  20. Callie 11 months ago

    Wow! Good one! I could not do the dips. Have to check out your videos on helping me.
    Thank you

  21. Destiney Volkel 11 months ago

    Day 1 and 2 done with some burning. Thank you for offering this.

  22. bev 11 months ago

    I modified tricep dips by putting my weight on my fists ( rather than wrists/ or bench)
    thanks you
    loving it

  23. Bri 11 months ago

    can you do these pilates routines while early in pregnancy?

    • Sarah Stoll 11 months ago

      Hi Bri!

      Congratulations! What a gift! The workouts in the Mind Body Pilates Challenge are not specifically prenatal-friendly. If you have a solid understanding of Pilates prenatal modifications, you could certainly give it a try!

      Always remember to listen to your body and ask your physician first. Otherwise, I recommend that you check out Robin’s Prenatal Pilates Series for prenatal-friendly workouts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZZBp71NETYEYRYpP1gO9z3DXcHKVitKm

  24. Colette Jones 11 months ago

    Day 2 done 😆😆

  25. Michelle Bartfai 11 months ago

    Day 2 complete. The dips were tough, I only managed a few but still felt the after burn. 🙂 Thank you for a great 15!

  26. Charlotte VanderBent 11 months ago

    Day 2 – Accomplished… with a few adjustments for a bum left shoulder.

  27. Chrid 11 months ago

    Yeah 2 slightly harder. Had a hip replacement last year and find laying my side very difficult. Any suggestions for other exercises I can do instead of these ?

    • Sarah Stoll 11 months ago

      Hello! We recommend speaking with your doctor about the best modifications for your unique situation and body! Feel free to modify to fit your needs and substitute movements that you are confident with for ones that don’t work as well!

  28. Karen 11 months ago

    Day 2 was a challenge but hung in there. My core is weak so I had a hard time with the roll-ups and the other positions that require core strength. I plan to watch your you tube video on modifications to help make it easier.

  29. Lindley 11 months ago

    I found my hip flexors really burning during this workout- any tips?

  30. Sherril 11 months ago

    Got through Day 2. I have never tried this type of exercise before. I will look at the modifications and try the ones I had trouble with again. Thanks for all the positivity!! Will this be available after the challenge? It will take me a while to be proficient.

  31. Donna M Mills 11 months ago

    Loved Day #2 workout! I did it early this morning and it really got me ready to start the day! I had to modify the tricep dips because I have a neck issue but I just keep my hips on the floor and did them. Looking forward to the next workout💖

  32. Sue 11 months ago

    I just finished your day 1 and day 2 workouts! I loved them!

  33. Arabella 11 months ago

    Phew! Just managed to fit in day 2 before bedtime! Bit more of a challenge than day 1 but done with a couple of modifications! Thanks!

  34. Arabella 11 months ago

    Phew! Just managed to fit in day 2 before bedtime! Very enjoyable, thanks.

  35. Kathy 11 months ago

    Loved today’s challenges. I have got to work on those side planks. Obviously one of my weak areas! 💪

  36. Bodil 11 months ago

    That was great, obviously I am stronger than I thought, did follow you all the way through. Great classes, thank you

  37. Char 11 months ago

    Day 2 done

  38. Carmen 11 months ago

    Day 1 and 2 done!!! I was hoping I wasn’t the only person getting these workouts done in the evening! Whew!!

  39. Beverly 11 months ago

    Got todays workout done

  40. suzanne Cashin 11 months ago

    Day 1 and Day 2 accomplished ! Not so bad even though the push ups were sort of modified, but almost 61 so very pleased!

  41. Freda Spencer 11 months ago

    This is my first time doing pilates. Thanks for the detailed instructions. Day 1 and 2 done and I am loving it! A friend who lives in another state and I are accountability partners and message each other when we start.

  42. rachel.pata 11 months ago

    Day 2 done. Loved it. Thanks!

  43. Esther M. 11 months ago

    Well, that was no joke! Day 2 was a challenge for sure, the dips I got through but were tough. Still, feeling good that I made it through (even if I had to modify some things). My core is on fire after yesterday and a workout at the gym this morning. Still, I feel my body doing things it hasn’t done before, so that’s a good thing. Thank you for a good workout … looking forward to Day 3 tomorrow!

  44. Shirley 11 months ago

    Day 2 ✅ I had to modify some and a little more challenging. 👍

  45. Laura Kelley 11 months ago

    Loved Day 1 and 2… Just had to repeat them. Looking forward to Day 3

  46. Karen 11 months ago

    Found Day 2 a challenge but felt good to get it done! Think I’ll feel it tomorrow 😉

  47. MaryAnn 11 months ago

    Wow, day 2 done. Breathing like I ran a flight of stairs. Kept up, but couldn’t do all reps. Nor roll ups. Feel it in the arms.

  48. Karen 11 months ago

    Day 1 and 2 done! 😊

  49. Ty 11 months ago

    Day 2 done. A little late but so glad I did it! Day 3 here I come!!

  50. Lindsay 11 months ago

    Day 2 done! Roll ups still a challenge… but one day!!!

  51. Michelle 11 months ago

    Absolutely loved it!! You say such kind things when you are teaching and it really helps keep me motivated 🙂

  52. Abbey Elliston 9 months ago

    I’m only now getting around to doing the challenge and can’t seem to access the video. Is it still up?

    • Teddi Lamons 9 months ago

      Hi Abbey! These specifics videos are no longer up. We have a new challenge coming out this summer, so stay tuned! In the meantime, head over to our YouTube channel for several other free workouts. 🙂

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