Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day 10

The Mind Body Pilates Challenge workouts are available exclusively for The Balanced Life Sisterhood.

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Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final day of the Mind Body Pilates Challenge!

Now on to Day 10….

We’re ending the challenge with a routine called Full Body Fusion.

You should be very proud of the way you’ve stuck to the program, stayed consistent, and completed your workouts (even when it wasn’t easy). You deserve to CELEBRATE!

This full body Pilates workout is designed to tone and strengthen your entire body.

In this 15-minute routine you’ll find ab exercises, leg sculpting exercises, upper body toning exercises, and stretches to improve flexibility and release tension.

Can’t wait to continue working with you!



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What I’m Wearing:

Lorna Jane Gentle Support F/L Tight // Lorna Jane Pixie Excel Tank (similar)


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  1. mjcallahan3 8 months ago

    Robin and all those at the balanced life, thank you. Thoroughly enjoyed the ten day challenge. I am a newly minted member to the sisterhood so I am looking forward to more of everything. Thanks again…

  2. breber16 8 months ago

    Loved the 10 day challenge! Can’t wait to continue in the sisterhood!!

  3. Carol 8 months ago

    Yay! I did this all 10 days! I really will work more on balancing, and I have seen how weak my arms and upper body is, so will continue to work on these exercises to strengthen in these areas! Thank you Robin! Have enjoyed this time!

  4. Katherine 8 months ago

    Finished day 10. Must admit I couldn’t do all of the positions; I am not that limber, but I did what I could. Basically I enjoyed these 10 days. Thank you!

  5. Judy 8 months ago

    That’s a wrap! I liked that routine. Those hover planks are effective! I’m all the more ready for a 10-day sea kayaking trip off the coast of Vancouver Island, BC. That’s my treat for myself.

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