Mind Body Pilates Challenge // Day 1

Hi Beauties!

Our Mind Body Pilates Challenge workouts are all available in our membership site: The Balanced Life Sisterhood.
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In this 15-minute Pilates workout, I’ll lead you through some of the foundational Pilates principles and exercises to set you up for success. You’ll work your abs, strengthen your arms, tone your legs, breathe deeply, and release tension from head to toe.



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What I’m Wearing:

Lorna Jane Gentle Support F/L Tight // Lole Jane Tank // Lole Beth Tee (similar)


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  1. Lisa 11 months ago

    Amazing thankyou robin

  2. Caroline 11 months ago

    Have just completed 1st day challenge
    really enjoyed it thank you

  3. Catriona Barnes 11 months ago

    Day 1 completed, thanks.

    • Bluesky 11 months ago

      Day 1 ✅ Jenny

  4. Kathy 11 months ago

    Day 1 challenge completed! Looking forward to Day 2!

  5. Ashley moon 11 months ago

    Have completed the first day challenge – loved it ! Thank you 😊

  6. Bev 11 months ago

    Wonderful way to start the busy week! Thanks Robin.

  7. Emily 11 months ago

    Day 1 – great intro! Thank you x

  8. Beth 11 months ago

    Just finished my 1st day challenge!! I loved it ! Thank you Robin 😃

  9. Liz 11 months ago

    Completed Day 1. Thank you very much.

  10. Vicki 11 months ago

    Thank you Robin, just finished 1st day challenge!

  11. carriecouture 11 months ago

    Day 1 was great! Thank you!

  12. Tineall 11 months ago

    Great way to start the morning! Day 1 💖

  13. Jo-Anne 11 months ago

    Did my first Day!! feeling better already!

  14. Miriam 11 months ago

    Enjoyed day 1. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  15. Callie 11 months ago

    Day 1 done! Thank you for this! Getting back in shape and losing weight are my goal. I can feel stomach muscles I haven’t felt in years!!! 😃

  16. Laura Estes 11 months ago

    Feel hopeful and blessed to be doing this 10-day challenge.

  17. Tracy 11 months ago

    Day 1 challenge completed! On my way.

  18. Natalia o 11 months ago

    Shorts n sweet but I want more!! Loved it.

  19. Cheryl 11 months ago

    This was great! Loved it. Thanks so much!

  20. Tessa 11 months ago

    That was great! Challenging but doable! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  21. Karen 11 months ago

    Thank you happy to be a part of the group, great way to feel empowered for the day

  22. Sharie 11 months ago

    What a great start to my day! So glad I joined this challenge!!!!

  23. Sharon O'Sullivan 11 months ago

    That was a great start to first 15 min session, thank you

  24. Charlotte VanderBent 11 months ago

    Day 1 accomplished! Including the goal setting – great idea:) Also, love the location! Snowy over here in MI.

  25. Petra 11 months ago

    What a lovely way to begin the week. Thank you!

  26. Nancy 11 months ago

    Day 1 down, feeling energized. Thank you Robin for providing the program of physical & mental encouragement.

  27. Carolyn 11 months ago

    done and done!! didn’t realize how tight my body was just doing those simple exercises!

  28. Esther M. 11 months ago

    That was GREAT!! Perfect way to start Day 1 … can’t wait for the rest of the challenge!! Thank you!

  29. Ty 11 months ago

    Day 1 completed! I can’t wait for day 2

  30. Rhonda 11 months ago

    I did my work out for the day. I am going to jump rope for 15 min. every day for the next 10 day.

  31. Beth 11 months ago

    This is a fun addition to my walking! I needed something to freshen things up! Completed the first day!

  32. Carole Dota 11 months ago

    Thank you! I really enjoyed this 🙂

  33. Lois 11 months ago

    Completed my first workout. Awesome start to the day 🤗

  34. Kim 11 months ago

    First day done and dusted. Thanks Robin. Look forward to tomorrow xx

  35. Dawn failes 11 months ago

    Enjoyed day 1 thanks. Don’t have Twitter

  36. Katrina 11 months ago

    Thank you for a great workout, very clear instructions and not too rushed.

  37. Francie 11 months ago

    Am I the only one who thought I would die??? LOL! Seriously, this was way harder (just the part where I was supposed to keep my head and shoulders up) than I thought and I couldn’t do it all. I could do it if/when I put my head down. The rest of it was fabulous.

  38. Wendy 11 months ago

    Day 1 of challenge completed. As a complete novice it was tougher than I thought it would be.
    Liked the workout and it was easy to follow at a nice pace, thankyou Robin.

  39. Danni Martin 11 months ago

    That went by too fast!

  40. Judy 11 months ago

    Day 1 completed. I enjoy Pilates but have some neck and lower back issues. I have to keep head on the mat to do the hair birds. Will I get the same benefit?

    • Sarah Stoll 11 months ago

      Hi Judy! Yes! Many participants have trouble with their neck, so this is a great modification! 🙂

  41. Judy 11 months ago

    Sorry that should have said hundreds.

  42. Joan 11 months ago

    On vacation in Florida but ran to my room and did the first day challenge!!

  43. Sarah 11 months ago

    Thought i’d give this a go in the UK. Fantastic. Thanks.

  44. Chris 11 months ago

    Just completed day 1. Way to go all of us. C u back tomorrow

  45. Kirsty Kendall 11 months ago

    Loved kicking off this challenge today. This workout was not what i expected and it reminded me of why i love Pilates so much! I did the one from today twice. Thankful to have found Robin, it honestly felt like you were in the room with me, correcting my posture when i needed it.

  46. Talia 11 months ago

    Wow that 15 mins went so quickly ! Look forward to tomorrow .

  47. Kate 11 months ago

    Day 1 Done – Kate in the UK 💋

  48. Julie 11 months ago

    Thanks, Robin.

  49. Josie 11 months ago

    1st day complete a good start thankyou.

  50. Annie 11 months ago

    Completed day one thank you

  51. Amanda 11 months ago

    Just completed day one with my hubby! Looking forward to tomorrows workout. Thanks Robin.

  52. ximena 11 months ago

    I had a terrible backache, and after the challenge today I feel much better. thanks a lot

  53. joanna venn 11 months ago

    Just did my 15 mins. Was a nice little work out. Looking forward to tomorrows and hoping it might be a little harder. Xx

  54. Hardip 11 months ago

    Feel ready for bed now! Thank you. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  55. Karine 11 months ago

    Day 1 done!

  56. Karen 11 months ago

    Just finished day one! Thank you. Exactly what I needed to get back into exercising!

  57. Mary 11 months ago

    Just finished day #1 looking forward to day #2

  58. Erika 11 months ago

    Just finished day 1….thank you

  59. Linda 11 months ago

    Day 1 done thanks😊For the burn it was great

  60. Janice Ranck 11 months ago

    Thanks for the nice time…

  61. Sheila DelCharco 11 months ago

    Thanks for hosting this! I just completed day 1 and it felt great! Your cuing was spot on!

  62. Michelle Bartfai 11 months ago

    Day 1 complete; feeling the burn already. Thank you so much!

  63. Leigh 11 months ago

    Just finished Day 1. It felt awesome!!! Thanks😊

  64. Sunny 11 months ago

    Thanks Robin, that was great

  65. Lucy 11 months ago

    Day 1 done.Thank-You.

  66. Char 11 months ago

    Day 1 done
    Will be back tomorrow!

  67. Annette Hallett 11 months ago

    Got a late start, feels great!

  68. Amy 11 months ago

    Great intro- I want more! Love the up-front comment about counting… that makes two of us!

  69. Lynette 11 months ago

    Completed day one! So easy to follow – thank you Robin! Goal set- To feel stronger in my core and more focused on my health!

  70. rachel.pata 11 months ago

    Day 1 complete! Thank you!

  71. Lorie 11 months ago

    Thanks Robin! I enjoyed the first day!

  72. Andrea 11 months ago

    Excellent start to the challenge! Thank you Robin! Looking forward to the next 9 days 🙂

  73. Shirley 11 months ago

    Good 1st session, not bad at all. Kept up almost the full time. Looking forward to tomorrow

  74. Elaine Soundd 11 months ago

    Day one done! Now if I can just work on drinking enough water each day!

  75. Deb Leese 11 months ago

    Good first session! A day late but I did it

  76. Frances 11 months ago

    Just completed day 1 (a day late!) I am so thrilled I made it!!!

  77. Maddie 11 months ago

    Day 1 completed albeit a day late!

  78. Kay 11 months ago

    Completed day 1 thank you. looking forward to the journey.

  79. sally 11 months ago

    great, thank you

  80. Raeleen Turner 11 months ago

    I’ve done all of the 8 days so far and its been great!! Thank you

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