Lower Body Pilates Routine

Are you ready to strengthen and tone your lower body in just 10 minutes?

Sometimes all we have is 10 minutes to fit in a quick workout and as we believe here at The Balanced Life, 10 minutes is always better than zero minutes. Fit this workout in while dinner is in the oven, on a break between meetings, while the kids are napping, or anytime you need a quick boost.

This quick and effective workout will strengthen, tone, and stretch your entire lower body in to help you feel your best.

You’ll end this workout stronger, more energized, and ready to tackle the rest of your day!

Click here to check out this Lower Body Pilates Routine on YouTube – and Sisterhood members, this workout has been dropped into your workout library + app for your convenience!

Take 10 minutes for you today – you are worth it.


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  1. Taffy Terry 3 weeks ago

    I really like this type of work out. I believe that this type of exercise will strengthen my body more and more asI continue. Thank you for the email.😊

    • Yes! You will absolutely continue to build strength and make progress each time you roll out your mat. Well done!

  2. Fran 3 weeks ago

    Awesome workout ! Thank you

  3. Susan LaRose 3 weeks ago

    Great morning workout, love your videos

  4. Gayle Chandler 1 week ago

    Thank you Robin, I enjoyed and could do most of this video, but bombed totally kneeling on one knee and lifting the other leg. Not there yet! I appreciate your energy and motivation! Gayle

    • Hi Gayle! We’re so happy to hear you enjoyed this workout. Great job doing the best you can – keep it up, and know that we are cheering for you!

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