Love, Love, Love…(self) Love Is All You Need

Today’s guest post is written by the inspiring woman behind ForTheGlow.Com, Jennifer Jordan. Some of you may remember Jennifer from the Pi-Glow Challenge we co-led a few months ago. What I love about Jennifer is her undeniable passion for healthy living. Everything she does has a purpose – to inspire women to take care of their bodies through diet and exercise. She is passionate, fun-loving and a light of inspiration in the online fitness world. She’s a great fit for The Balanced Life. Enjoy!

Love Your Body Day

Love, Love, Love….(Self) Love Is All You Need.

We know how interconnected life is, and how our health + well-being holds up the entire operation.

The act (or the art) of keeping ourselves healthy ~ What does it boil down to?

What are the Top 5 reasons you make an effort to keep yourself healthy? (Take a moment to list them before you read on).

Do you notice a pattern here? Can you break it down to one underlying, motivating factor? I can, and it’s pretty simple: Self-love.

Exercise, eating healthy, all the little things you do to make yourself feel wonderful & vibrant…they are all acts of self-love. So when we skip over the exercise, eating healthy and all the little things you need to make yourself feel wonderful & vibrant…you are detracting from the love you need (and deserve) first and foremost.

See the word in bold in the sentence above, DESERVE. I want you to think about something for a moment: What do you think would happen if you loved yourself enough to make your health a priority? What if you sent out the message to the Universe that you demanded nothing less than the absolute best for yourself? What if you decided once and for all that you’d never make excuses for yourself?

You will have your own answers to those questions, but can I give you a little hint?

Once YOU decide to demand the best & expect the best for yourself, with NO excuses or settling…that energy will trickle into every aspect of your life. This vibrant, energetic confidence and self-worth will open doors, create opportunities, and you’ll attract people who not only feel the same way about YOU, but also feel the same way about themselves.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

For The Glow

A little bit about Jennifer…
Jennifer Jordan holds a degree in Exercise Science from Arizona State + over a decade of experience coaching women as a nutritionist, fitness instructor and counselor. Currently, Jennifer is the gal behind the women’s health mega-site For the Glow, in addition to teaching in the Seattle area. Connect with her online: Web | Blog | Facebook | Twitter |Pinterest

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  2. Annie 9 years ago

    Honestly, this was just what I needed to hear today. I needed this reminder to quit beating myself up and focus on treating myself right just like I do everyone else in my life. Thanks Jennifer, loved this post.

  3. Lynn 9 years ago

    Great article! Thanks for sharing. Love all in the motivation and inspiration that you share on this site =)

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