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I had a regular post scheduled for today but I’ve received a few emails in the past 24 hours that just have to be shared. These are 2 snippets of emails from a few of my Pilates Body Program ladies. They’re both in the midst of week 5 on the program and doing so well.

Reading these emails made me throw my hands up in celebration. Their experiences are exactly what I have hoped and desired for each woman who commits to this program. This is exactly WHY I created The Pilates Body Program. To show that there is a BETTER way to approach health & fitness. Sure they’ve lost weight, but it’s so much more than that.

I hope these will give you a glimpse into what a healthy lifestyle can look and feel like. Know that it’s possible for YOU to feel this way too.

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(I’ve changed their names to respect their privacy)

“I can’t tell you how frustrated I’ve been over the past two years trying (and failing) to get back into this weight range. Even at the beginning of this year, I’d started out well. I exercised and lost a few pounds but just stalled out when it really came to these last ~5 lbs. If I ever strayed from my goals, it would take me so long to get back on track that I would lose ground and be discouraged.

I had planned on a pretty low key month of March to coincide with this program, but somehow, I was out of town or hosting visitors every weekend for the last 4 weeks. The fact that I was able to live my normal life (e.g. wine and cheese on a girls weekend 🙂 but still be healthy and make progress with goals is so encouraging. It’s much healthier place to be mentally as well, instead of my normal all-or-nothing mindset. Sunday night, instead of being discouraged about not sticking to my plan, I was planning how to get back on track for the next week. In short, this has been a really fabulous mental shift for me in the way I think about health and fitness, I’m so glad I signed up.

Beyond the weight loss, I’m 100% hooked on Pilates, there will be no going back 🙂 This week I started pre-training for a half marathon in August and turns out running is way more fun when you actually have abs. Who knew? I feel strong and healthy, loving it!!

PS: My husband, without trying of course, has lost like 5 pounds since I started just from eating some of the same food, having healthier options around, and being supportive by not opening wine on week nights.”

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“I’ve been feeling great…continuing to notice how the Hundred has gotten easier and easier for me, which has been so neat. I can feel my core getting stronger! And I have loved the way that I am eating–this will certainly prepare me to feed myself well for years to come. Doing yoga, I’ve had a great awareness of my body and breath for a while now, but I feel less pressure on myself at this point. I don’t have as many negative thoughts about my body because I am consistently working to take care of it, so how I look is less important now than it has been. I know I’m healthy.”

Friends: getting in shape doesn’t have to be “all or nothing.” And it doesn’t have to be a chore that makes you feel guilty when you go off track. It’s time to give that up! These women are inspiring me everyday and I hope this inspires you to continue seeking a life of balance too.

  1. Lisa 8 years ago

    I lost 110 pounds and currently weigh 144. For some reason I got 140 stuck in my head and I’ve felt down on myself because of those stupid 4 pounds. I finally made peace with it and realized that maybe 144 IS my happy weight for my body. Maybe 140 is unachievable and unnecessary. And I’m ok with that. Finally.

    • Robin Long 8 years ago

      Hi Lisa. Wow, you should feel amazing about what you’ve already done for your health and body! That is something to be very proud of. I agree with you that sometimes we get a number stuck in our head that really doesn’t hold as much value as we think it does. I can relate. Thanks so much for sharing. I like your perspective 🙂

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