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Hi guys!

I fully intended to have a blog post up for you today, but instead, I’m working on something really exciting that I can’t WAIT to share with you.

I’m busy developing a program that will help you get long, lean & slim in time for the holidays. Yes, it’s possible and we have just enough time!

I can’t share all the details yet, but if you’ve always wanted to see what Pilates can do for you, this will be the perfect opportunity to give it a try. To give you an idea, the program will be 6 weeks long and F.R.E.E. You’ll be able to participate from the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world, and I can GUARANTEE that you’ll see results by the time the holidays roll around. It will be a commitment, but if we stick together and encourage one another we’ll be able to get it done.

Save the date:

The Pilates program will begin on November 7th and will last until December 18th.

I really want you to consider joining in and committing to the program. It’s only 6 weeks and you will LOVE what it does for your body. You have 2 weeks to think it over.  You just have to commit and follow along.

Be sure to keep checking the blog for more info and sign up for my mailing list (over to the right) to get all the details.

Also, are we friends on Facebook yet? If not, click HERE, click “like” and say hello. I frequently post tips and ideas to help you stay healthy throughout the week.

Okay, back to work! Stay tuned!

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Looking for online Pilates workouts and a supportive community? We've re-opened The Sisterhood to help support you during this challenging season.

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  1. linsiloo 9 years ago

    I love this! Can’t wait…

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