Link Love: what I’ve been reading…

My friend Corinne wrote this honest post about the pressure to be skinny in the states, particularly in California. You know how passionate I am about that sort of thing.

Michelle Obama is releasing a hip-hop album to promote a healthier America.

My friend makes these incredible flowers out of paper for weddings and home decor. I thought they were worth sharing. She is so talented.

paper flowers

Why sleeping late on the weekend won’t help you make up the sleep debt you’ve acquired throughout the week.

One woman’s declaration to end fat-shaming once and for all.

You’ve heard me talk about fascia before. Here’s a good article on how to care for your fascia. It’s fascinating stuff.

Yummy vegan + gluten free Trail Mix Cookies from Oh She Glows.

5 healthy & energizing ways to wake up.

how to organize home exercise room

via A Bowl Full Of Lemons

How to organize an exercise space in your home. This room would totally inspire me.

Have a great Wednesday 🙂

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  1. Lesley 5 years ago

    I loved Corinne’s post too. And oh! That exercise room! One can dream, right?

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