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Happy Friday Beauties!

Any exciting plans for the weekend?

I’m happy because I’ll finally have a chance to celebrate my birthday. I’m also looking forward to an opportunity to just slow down, relax and enjoy a weekend with my family.  September was a busy month so I’m eager to transition into the slower pace that October will bring.

For your reading pleasure, here a few posts I’ve recently enjoyed…

Do you shop at Costco? Check out this guide to shopping REAL food at Costco from Andrea Howe. (remember when I interviewed her?)

Helpful tips on how to store produce from Nutrition Stripped.

I loved this ‘23 things people who love their lives are doing differently‘.

Good news for us Whole Foods lovers! Due to a change in the marketplace they are starting to offer more deals and incentives for loyal shoppers. Check out this article on which things are actually more affordable at Whole Foods vs. a regular grocery store.

How to feel confident in 2 minutes. We’ve been doing the power pose in our house for a few years now! That’s what happens when your husband is a sport psychologist. 🙂

Have a great weekend beauties! See you back here on Monday.




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  1. Jennifer 6 years ago

    Ha! Love the power pose!

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