Jasmine’s Pilates Body: Before & After Update!

Over the past year I’ve had a handful of women repeat The Pilates Body Program. I love the enthusiasm and I also understand why they do it. Once you’ve had the experience of being led through a program, with regular check-in’s and email support you discover how helpful that is in working toward your goals. You no longer have to do it alone and personal accountability and encouragement goes a long way.

the pilates body program

Jasmine participated in The Pilates Body Program over the summer and joined again this January to re-commit to her goals and help her get back on track after the holidays. You may remember Jasmine’s story (click here). It was truly inspiring and a lot women related to how she felt BEFORE starting the program.

This time around she had another great experience and well…her photos do all the talking!

*note: as always, we keep it real here on The Balanced Life. Photos are never edited in anyway*

Before starting The PBP…

pilates before and after

After round 2 of The PBP… (check out those abs!)

pilates before and after

Before The PBP…

After round 2 of The PBP…

Clearly, Jasmine did an amazing job! What I love most about her experience though is the way she focused on the way she felt in her skin and body throughout the entire program. We rarely talked about “looks” or body parts, but touched base weekly on how she was feeling, how she was caring for herself and how she was building Pilates & healthy eating into her daily routine.

Here’s a quote from Jasmine upon completing her second round of the program:

“I feel really good, and really strong, my body feels nourished and energized. I’m really glad that I took part in the program again. Thank you – again – for running such a great program and for your support. I think last time I did the program I really noticed a difference in my weight and the way I was eating, but this time I think it’s been the pilates that’s made a difference – I feel so much more flexible and strong, and can actually feel evidence of my muscles! I’m planning to keep up with regular pilates – it’s such good “me time” too!”

Jasmine…I am so proud of you!

You can read Jasmine’s original testimonial right HERE.

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  1. Dana 6 years ago

    Wow! What great progress! You can really see the difference. How much weight was lost?

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