Is A Negative Body Image Sabotaging Your Success?

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It’s no secret that magazines play a powerful role the way we feel about our bodies. Flipping through the pages of almost any women’s magazine can leave us feeling frumpy, chubby, sloppy and bland in comparison to the beautiful (airbrushed) models that grace the pages.

Lately I’ve seen a shift in Self Magazine’s messaging. They’re publishing more and more articles on happiness, health and positivity. I commend them for that and hope that the shift continues.

Today I stumbled across the article, “Does A Woman’s Body Image Affect Her Exercise Routine?” This article represents exactly what The Balanced Life stands for. It puts words and statistics to my passion and mission. Thank you Self Magazine!

It is absolutely true: when we learn to love our bodies, we care for our bodies. Feeling good about ourselves inspires us to make healthy choices, stick to our fitness routines and break bad habits. When we hate our bodies and cultivate a negative internal dialogue we ultimately sabotage our success. We cannot guilt ourselves into a motivated state. Hence, my preaching that GUILT. DOES. NOT. WORK.

If you’re reading this and thinking you’re doomed because you have a terrible body image right now, start small. Check out my earlier posts  “Change Your Mind. Change Your Body.” and “Chasing Perfection” and begin with one small step. Eventually you will find new ways to appreciate your body and I’m here to help.

Still not sure how to make the change? Post a comment. Let’s discuss. We’re all in this together.

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  1. Kesha Brown 9 years ago

    Very good article and one a lot of people (men and women) should take heed to.

    A negative self-image leads to a lot of issues in all areas of one’s life…it’s very damaging!

    One reason I don’t look at general mags anymore is because they don’t portray “average” anyway (or at least they should mix it up a bit)…

    Kesha from #commenhour

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