How to Tune Into Your Body & Find Your Nutritional Groove

A guest post by Lara Dalch of Dalch Wellness

Great nutrition changes everything.

…But I’m pretty sure you already knew that, didn’t you?

At this point, you’ve probably bookmarked your favorite health blogs, leafed through the best books, and read all the tear-jerker success stories.

Not only that, but you’re getting sick of the way your body holds you back; the constant, exhausting colds, the aches and pains, the low energy levels, and the way your confidence plummets when you look in a mirror.

You know eating right can solve most (try ‘all’) of these problems, but for some reason, you’re not stepping up to make nutrition and self care a reality.

2013 is in full swing, and you keep telling yourself it’s time to get healthy.

You love the idea of transforming your body & life… but you can’t find the time to act on it. Or maybe you catch a spare minute, but then you’re completely overwhelmed by the sea of contradictory nutrition info out there.

While you dream of feeling great in your body, there’s no way that journey could fit your lifestyle. Plus, you love chocolate, ice cream, and pizza… and getting healthy means kicking those to the curb forever. Great nourishment must be a luxury reserved for those with more time, discipline, and patience, right?


Here’s the truth:

Your road map to feeling, looking, and living gorgeously can’t be found under the cover of any book. It’s not hidden away in an obscure blog post, and it’s definitely not illustrated in the USDA Food Pyramid (don’t even get me started on the shameful politics behind all that).

Why? Because while these sources are useful to an extent, there are missing pieces. Namely the recognition that everyone’s different, and the acknowledgement that cravings and overeating are almost never about food. So remember to take every recommendation (including mine!) with a grain of salt.

So who’s the expert then? Simple: your own body. Are you listening to its wisdom?

How to tune into your inner health guru, and deconstruct your cravings:

Your cravings are one of the loudest ways your body speaks. It’s your duty to listen in, and interpret your needs based on your own self-knowledge.

Annemarie Colbin, founder of the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC, ropes cravings into three categories: addiction, emotions, and nutrient deficiency/imbalance. Next time a hankering is snapping at your heels, ask yourself which of those causes are most likely behind it.

Take a good old fashioned rocky road ice cream craving, for example. Do you want that dessert because of a nutrient deficiency? Probably not. Could it be an emotional need? Possibly, particularly if you’re stressed or exhausted. What about addiction? Yep, especially if you’ve been eating a lot of refined sugar lately.

It comes down to a conscious choice. If your body is craving something it needs, eat it. If it’s craving something it definitely doesn’t need, then check in with yourself about what you truly want.

Are you really lusting after a giant scoop of ice cream… or do you need to have a deep talk with your best friend? Keep your ears open for your inner voice. The answer will appear soon enough.

Find your food groove this summer.

What’s the secret to unlocking your ideal way of eating? Experiment!

Only you can decide what’s right for your body. So start looking up healthy recipes and basic nutritional tips that are easy to test out. Find out what foods affect your mood and boost your energy. What healthy snacks fill you up? How do you feel when you cut out processed stuff, and put exclusively whole foods in your body?

Getting in control of what you eat does more than just shrink your waist. When you take the reigns, you’re giving yourself permission to be attentive to self care in every aspect of your life.

So tell me…

How will you forge your own path to health this summer? What steps will you take to get back in touch with your body, and get serious about nourishing yourself in the best way possible? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

About Lara Dalch:
Lara Dalch is a certified health & nutrition coach and founder of Dalch Wellness. As a former entertainment marketing executive and busy entrepreneur, Lara understands the challenges of balancing good health with a crazy schedule and is passionate about helping others feel their best through a practical, “whole life” approach to health. Join Lara’s mailing list for free weekly tips on eating healthy, boosting energy, and reducing stress…without bending over backwards to fit it all in.

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