How I Gained 15 lbs + 5 Tips For Healthy Holidays

Today I’m guest-posting over on LB’s Good Spoon sharing 5 tips to stay healthy over the holidays. I also share how I gained 15 POUNDS one Christmas. 15 delicious pounds 🙂

dinner party table

CLICK HERE to read the full post.



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  1. Leah G. 6 years ago

    Hi Robin! I have been enjoying your blog for the last month or two. I first read about you on Shauna Niequist’s blog and most recently, on Natalie Borton’s. I like your no guilt approach to health and your focus on balance. I am a mother of three with a part-time job and never enough time in the day (what’s new about that!) with the new year around the bend, I want to plan ahead and bump my health up on my list of priorities. I look forward to following you in my journey to a healthier lifestyle! Thanks!

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      Hi Leah! Welcome to the community 🙂 I’m so glad you posted a comment. It sounds like you are super busy and juggling a lot. I love that you’re already looking ahead to the new year to prioritize YOU and your health. I hope I’m able to help that take shape in some way! xoxo,

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