Accessing Workouts

To utilize The Sisterhood App, visit the App store on your device and download The Balanced Life Sisterhood app for Apple or Android.

Login to your Sisterhood account at The Balanced Life. On your Sisterhood Dashboard, click on the “Add to Calendar” button.

(Note: Workouts can only be added to your online calendar from the Sisterhood Dashboard and not from the app.)

When you click the “star” next to any of the workouts on the Monthly Calendar or in the Workout Library, they will appear in your Favorites on the Sisterhood Dashboard!

To access all of your Favorite workouts:

  1. Login to The Sisterhood and visit your Dashboard.
  2. Scroll past the Daily Workout section to the section titled “My Favorite Workouts.”

When you click on the “star” next to any of the workouts within the app or on your Sisterhood Dashboard, these workouts will appear in the Favorites tab on your app. Simply click “My Videos” in the bottom menu and select “Favorites” at the top to view your favorited workouts.

Note: Your favorite workouts will sync between The Sisterhood Dashboard and the App. The favorites you add on the Dashboard, will be found as favorites in the app as well – and vice versa!

Yes! We consider this one of the unique benefits to The Sisterhood! You can download The Sisterhood workouts by visiting the Workout Library, clicking on the title of the video you wish to download, and then scrolling down to the bottom of the description. Click on the download button to begin the download. You can download the workouts in SD or HD, depending on your storage capacity and preferences.
Note: Videos associated with our free Pilates challenges (Mind Body Pilates Challenge, Back to the Mat Challenge, 21 Days of Pilates, etc.) are not available for download.

In The Sisterhood Companion App, it’s simple to download any workout to watch offline. Simply open the workout you’d like to download and click on the button in the right hand corner of the video that looks like a cloud with a down arrow. Wait for the video to download. (Download speed will vary based on data or wifi signal.) During the download, the cloud will change to a circle with a square in the middle. When the download is complete, the cloud will turn blue.

To access your downloaded workouts, open the app and select “My Videos” from the bottom menu. Click on “Downloads” at the top and your downloaded videos will appear!

Video Quality Issues

To prevent workouts from skipping and buffering, try adjusting the quality of the video and see if that issue resolves. 

To prevent workouts from skipping and buffering on a mobile device, try adjusting the video quality. In the left hand corner of the video, click on “HD” and select a lower video quality.


To prevent your screen from timing out during a workout, download The Sisterhood App for Android or Apple!

How do I watch workouts on my TV?

  1. Begin by pulling up your Sisterhood workout.
  2. From your Fire tablet, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Settings.”
  3. Tap Display & Sounds, and then tap Display Mirroring.”
  4. Tap the name of your TV or media streaming device.
  5. To stop displaying the screen, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap “Stop Mirroring.”

To view your workouts using your Firestick, you will:

  1. Open up your Silk browser.
  2. Type in our website ( and sign in to your account.
  3. When logged in and using the Workout Calendar, you will need to use the toggle arrows to view the calendar, but you will be able to access the workouts!
  1. Open the Sisterhood Companion App.
  2. Select the Sisterhood workout you want to watch.
  3. Click on the casting icon on the video.
  4. Tap the “more devices” button and select your Apple TV to play the workout on your TV.
  1. Open the Sisterhood Companion App.
  2. Select the workout you want to watch and press play.
  3. Click on the casting icon on the video.
  4. Select your device to play the workout on your TV.

The easiest way to view your Sisterhood workouts on your TV is by connecting your computer to your TV via an HDMI cable. Login on your computer browser and display it straight on your TV. You can also use an intermediate device (like Apple TV, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire). See individual instructions for each device below.

To access your Sisterhood Workouts on your Roku using an iPhone:

  • Turn on your Roku device.
  • Download the TV Cast (Roku) app to your iPhone.
  • Open the app + click on Web Browser
  • On the app, type “The Balanced Life” in the search bar and click on The Balanced Life home page in Google.
  • Login to your TBL account on the app.
  • Bookmark the page for quicker navigation in the future!
  • Navigate on your iPhone to the workout you wish to complete + click on the workout.
  • At the top of the page in the blue banner, click “Tap here to open video.” Then, at the bottom of your phone, click “Tap here to cast” and the workout will cast to your TV.


(Note: To disconnect at the end of your workout, click on the screen mirror image in the top right corner + click Disconnect.)


Roku does not currently work with Android devices for casting content to a TV.

  1. Open the Smart Hub from your remote.
  2. Select Web Browser from the App List.
  3. Type in
  4. Login like you would on a computer.
  5. Press play!

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