The Balanced Life Sisterhood is an online Pilates membership that makes it easy for you to build strength, reduce stress, and feel good – in a way that is 100% doable and 0% overwhelming.

The Sisterhood is great for those with beginner, intermediate, and advanced Pilates experience. If you are brand new to Pilates, we recommend that you try our FREE Pilates for Beginners program here.
The short answer: a TON! Sisterhood members have instant access to:
  • A realistic and easy-to-follow workout calendar
  • The Sisterhood Workout Library – with 100+ on-demand guided Pilates workouts, ranging from 10-40 minutes.
  • A members-only app for workouts right at your fingertips
  • Recipe Central – a database of hundreds of easy and delicious recipes and a comprehensive meal planning tool! 
  • Discounts on The Balanced Life programs.
  • And, monthly resources including:
    • a workout calendar, with workouts assigned Monday through Friday.
    • one brand new 30-40 minute Pilates or barre video workout.
    • a monthly recipe bundle.
Community is also an optional part of The Sisterhood. For those who love Facebook, we offer a private, members-only Facebook group where Robin interacts daily — it’s the most positive and encouraging online community you will find. Off of Facebook, you can participate in the Community Conversation board (a forum for all Sisterhood members to ask questions and start conversations). 
We’re currently focused on serving, inspiring, and encouraging our current members. If you want to love your body more, build strength, improve flexibility and join a community that supports you every step of the way, you’ll LOVE The Sisterhood!
Visit The Balanced Life Sisterhood to learn more about The Sisterhood and sign up to join our waitlist! Those on the waitlist will be the first to be notified when enrollment re-opens. 

The Sisterhood is our membership program which gives you full access to the workout library, Recipe Central, the private community Facebook group, and more. (Read all about what is included in The Sisterhood above.) The Balanced Life also has several online programs which are purchased separately from The Sisterhood. These programs include their own original workouts and other resources not available in The Sisterhood. However, Sisterhood members do receive a discount on TBL Programs. Click here to view all of The Balanced Life’s programs. 

After you join The Sisterhood, you’ll receive a welcome email with everything you need to know about your Sisterhood membership. Once you sign up, you will have access to The Sisterhood content immediately. You can set up your profile, browse the resources, and start your first workout. 

The monthly workout calendar assigns workouts Monday through Friday. Each week includes three shorter workouts (10-15 minutes) and two longer workouts (30-40 minutes).
If you like structure, you can follow this calendar each day. If you’d rather mix it up, you can swap out any of the assigned workouts for a workout of your choice in our Workout Library. 

All you need is a mat, internet connection, and device to watch the workouts on! We sometimes feature fun workouts with equipment, such as weights, a foam roller, or resistance bands – but the equipment is always optional. Robin will often recommend a household item you can use as a substitute instead. If you are interested in purchasing special equipment, here is some of Robin’s favorite Pilates gear.

Congratulations! We are so happy for you. ? We always recommend that you check with your health care provider first, but most women need to start modifying at 1315 weeks. Sisterhood members have access to The Sisterhood workout library which features many “prenatalfriendly” workouts. Sisterhood members also receive a discount on the Prenatal Pilates Program
Postpartum, after you have been cleared by your health care provider to exercise, take it slow and try to give yourself lots of grace. When you’re ready to start exercising, here are two blog posts to help you ease back into Pilates: Postpartum Exercise and Pilates and Diastasis Recti.

I’m so glad you asked! Recipe Central is an amazing perk of The Sisterhood that includes hundreds of simple, healthy, delicious, family-friendly recipes! You can sort by ingredient, meal course, and dietary preferences to find the perfect recipe for any meal. You can also use the meal planning tool to prepare for the week ahead, compile all your recipes, and even create a grocery list to make shopping quick + simple!

Here’s a closer look at Recipe Central:

As a Sisterhood member, it’s easy to invite your friends to join you in The Sisterhood!

You can use the referral link located on your Sisterhood Dashboard. Simply copy and paste the link and then send your invitation to your friend.

As a Sisterhood member, you can invite family and friends to join you at anytime, even if enrollment is closed. When someone joins using your special referral link, you’ll receive a $20 credit applied towards your Sisterhood membership and they’ll receive $20 off their first membership payment.

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