Happy Friday

Happy Friday!

It’s a gorgeous day here in the bay area. I’m thankful for another full week and looking forward to a fun-filled weekend that will include lots of friends, eating, drinking and cooking.

But, it wouldn’t be right to end the week without a little recognition of life’s simple pleasures. Here are 5 that have been making me happy…

{farmer’s market tomatoes}

tomato basil and avocado

A-maz-ing. Tomatoes are to die for right now. If you haven’t picked any up from a local grower yet, please do! I’ve been loving this simple snack throughout the week. Avo, tomato and basil, so yummy.

{concerts in the park}

concert in the park

Ahh, summer nights.

{the grill}

grilled chicken

Keeping with the theme of summer loves….so healthy and so easy. What do we DO in the winter??



Okay, nerd alert: For some reason I get a kick out of walking home from the grocery store with a baguette popping out of my bag. I love it. In fact, I even love it when I see other people with a baguette in their bag. I think it’s because whenever someone in a movie or on tv has grocery bags they always have a baguette. Have you ever noticed that? It’s so quintessential. Makes me smile every time.

{me time}

pilates reformer

After too many busy weeks in a row, I’ve finally reclaimed my workouts this week. Ahh, it feels so good. I’m able to teach better, think better, focus better and my body is thankful for the care. I spend so much time and energy creating motivation and workouts for others during the week that I can easily forget about myself. Working on that 🙂

What about you? What’s one simple pleasure you’ve been enjoying this week?


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