Happy Friday

Happy Friday, Beauties!

Those of you that have been around for awhile know that every Friday I used to post 5 things that were making me happy.

It’s an exercise in gratitude and one that I really miss. Taking the time to focus on the little things that bring joy to everyday life is so valuable. It can change a dreary week into a wonderful week.


So I’m attempting to get back in the routine every so often…

I’d love if you joined me. Feel free to post yours in the comments or link up on your blog!

You could also just post something that’s making you happy on Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #TBLhappyfriday.

So without further ado, here are 5 little things that have made me happy this week…

{taking time to play}

photo 5-3

{guava goddess kombucha}


{yellow tulips that hint of spring}

yellow tulips

{Chipotle + Parenthood}


{a delicious new moisturizer}


Have a great weekend, beauties!



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  1. Brady Sheppeard 6 years ago

    I am new to following you and I am already feeling lighter of heart, mind and body. Thank you for brining up the subject of gratitude. I often get busy running my kids around and becoming complacent in my life. Forgetting to be thankful. So I am looking forward to enhancing my life by remembering to grateful.

    1. Thankful for a warm hot bath to relax and recharge
    2. Having grown up w two wonderful parents whom have shown me how to live a happy and healthy life.
    3. Thankful for a husband who love me, spoils me and is good to me.
    4. Thankful for 3 healthy children whom are my world.
    5. Thankful for the warm spring sun, that not only warms me, but relaxes me and reminds me of my mom.

  2. Carolyn 6 years ago

    This week I am happy and feeling gratitude for:
    1. Trying to practice my faith a little more completely; got my ashes this week and didn’t eat meat on Wednesday or Friday.
    2. The motivation to better my body for myself, my family, and my future babies.
    3. Friends without children that “get” what motherhood means.
    4. Lundberg Wild Rice Blend
    5. A visit from my college roommate.

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