Happy Friday

After a brief hiatus and a few (okay, one) special requests, I’ve decided to bring back the Happy Friday tradition. For those of you who are new to The Balanced Life, Happy Friday posts are meant to inspire you to pause, reflect and express gratitude for the simple joys of each week. Every Friday I post 5 things that have been making me happy as a way of practicing gratitude.

I’ve missed this so I’m bringing it back. It really does have an impact on the way I view my days/weeks and I encourage you to give it a try. Keep a gratitude journal, post them on your own blog or simply post something here in the comments.

Whatever you do, take a moment to pause and appreciate the little things that are worth celebrating. There’s always something to be grateful for.

{family dinner}

When your parents live out of town the little things become all the more special. Having my parents in our home for a simple weeknight dinner was such a treat.

{napa valley}

Summer in Napa is God’s country. I’m grateful to live just a short drive away. This photo was taken at Cuvaison.

{morning coffee}

Another treat of having my parents here. Peet’s coffee every morning.

{afternoon walks}

After being sick this week I’ve been easing back into workouts by taking long solo walks and they’ve quickly become the highlight of my day.

{dean & deluca}

napa valley

This place is foodie heaven. If you’ve never been to one before you can get a feel for it by clicking here.

What about you, what’s one thing that’s made you happy this week?

  1. Sunny 8 years ago

    After a particularly terrible week of feeling like everything is breaking down and cost $100s to fix – I’m thankful for a partner who can calm me down and assure me it will all be ok (and we don’t have to file bankruptcy. I was a little dramatic by the 90th thing that fell apart).

    • Sandy 8 years ago

      I always wanted to be named Sunny and wish I had just created it as my nickname when I went away to college or moved far away from home. I asked for my grandmother name to be Sunny because it really fits me but my daughter-in-law vetoed it because she thought it wouldn’t sound great coming from a teenage grandchild way down the road. 🙁

  2. Sandy 8 years ago

    Summer and everything about it. And Sunny I love your name.

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