Happy Friday

Hallelujah, the weekend is near.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my work and no longer live for the weekends (thank goodness). But I happily worked myself to the bone this week prepping for the launch of The Pilates Body Program. 15 hour days, and too much time at the computer for my liking. But it was ALL worth it because I’m so proud of the program. And now I can’t stop smiling at the registrations pouring in 🙂 That tops my list this week…

{The Pilates Body Program}

New Year's diet and exercise

 Seeing the registrations come makes me super happy. I love KNOWING that they are going to feel so beautiful and confident in their own skin in just a few short weeks. That fills me up with pure joy.

{skype dates}

A snapshot from a Skype date with Crosby. Isn’t he the cutest little guy in the world? He didn’t say much but we still had a good connection. I can’t wait to snuggle him.


Jonathan Fields

If you’re an entrepreneur, creator, artist, etc. I recommend this book by Jonathan Fields. It’s about how to be okay with uncertainty. It helped give me the guts to launch my first official program here on The Balanced Life.

{hummus & yogurt}


This is a snack idea from Drew Parisi directly off The Pilates Body Program meal plan. Remember, she creates meals and snacks that are the perfectly balanced (similar to the Zone diet that Jennifer Aniston swears by). Mixing plain greek yogurt with hummus makes a dip that is higher in protein which affects the way the body metabolizes it. It’s delicious. Drew’s amazing at what she does.


Finally. THREE MONTHS LATER, my hair is finally at the length that I asked my hair stylist to cut it to originally. Gah. I’m clearly in the market for a new salon. Suggestions welcome 🙂

Your turn. What’s one thing that’s made you happy this week?

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