Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m finally finding a minute to get this posted. It’s been a busy, busy day full of clients. But I love them and I love my job so I’m not complaining. The point of “Happy Friday” is to reflect on the week and remember how many simple things there are to be happy about each day. I tend to overlook the little things but these posts have changed the way I think throughout the week. I recommend doing your own kind of “Happy Friday” list. Or if you already do something similar, I’d love to hear about it 🙂

{pumpkin coffee}

Are you sick of all this pumpkin talk already? No? Good, me neither. My latest obsession is this coffee from Trader Joe’s. They really got it right. Go buy some if you can!

{the french laundry garden}

Napa Garden

chicken coop

Although I have yet to dine there, I strolled the gardens last weekend and fell in love. Beautiful rows of fresh, organic produce and the nicest chicken coop you’ve ever seen.

{short hair}

I cut it 4 weeks ago. It’s taken me that long to be okay with it. I hated it at first, but it’s finally (slowly growing on me now that it’s long enough to wear wavy (no pun intended…but that’s kind of funny). Here is its big debut.


My favorite lotion of all time. I’ve been out of stock for awhile but my shipment just arrived. So happy.

{wonder drink}

wonder drink asian pear ginger

A delicious ‘new to me’ flavor.

What about you…what’s been making you happy this week?

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  1. Tammie 9 years ago

    Finding another person focusing on gratitude! 😉 I started a gratitude journal, oh months ago, but have been sporadic about writing. I am also loving the pumpkin flavors that abound right now. Pumpkin PopTarts? Pumpkin pudding? lol. I may try making pumpkin scones. I’m excited for Halloween. I’m a sucker for little kids in cute costumes. Dog costumes? Even better! Caramel apples? Maybe I could work those onto a salad. And I’m so jealous of your haircut… mine curls/frizzes so I keep it long and weighed down… Love the shorter cuts!! Its cute!

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