Happy Friday

This week breezed by and I’m looking forward to another weekend of relaxing. As you can tell by recent posts, the writing portion of my career is really starting to pick up and I’m so excited about it. Sometimes it seems like the flood gates open all at once and opportunities start to flow. It feels like one of those times and I’m incredibly grateful for it. It’s amazing how one week can feel like a dead-end and I repeatedly ask myself “what am I doing??” and the next week things can feel so promising. Right now, I’m able to believe that opportunities are endless and I can feel the movement forward. I’m going to relish that feeling because I know it won’t last forever. So…it’s a Happy Friday friends. I hope you have a great day too:)

{fall touches}

Pumpkins, gourds and fall scented candles make me happy.

{phil’z coffee}

gingerbread iced coffee

I am obsessed. Dangerously obsessed. The ginger bread iced coffee may be classified as an addiction if I’m not careful. I have never tasted a drink this good in my life. But at 300 calories a pop (thanks Phil’z customer service for the info) I vow to reserve this as a “treat.” Oh my gosh, I want one right now…

{100 gathered thoughts}

sugar boo

Remember when I posted about Sugar Boo? Well I got this notebook for my birthday! It was the best surprise. I love little things like this. It definitely it contributed to my productivity this week. To Do lists are much more motivating when they’re on cute paper.

{getting artsy}

poured paint

{pumpkin oatmeal}

pumpkin almond butter oatmeal

What’s been making you happy this week?

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