Happy Friday

Happy Friday!

I’m finishing up some work before I hit the road for a little weekend get-away. This was my birthday week so there were an abundance of things to be grateful for. Here’s the list of things that made me happy…

{birthday cake}

Ahh, there were so many indulgences to be enjoyed this week and there are more to come this weekend. I don’t hate it.

{neighborhood flowers}

While walking back from the grocery store this week I was reminded of how much beauty I forget to recognize each day. Our neighborhood is full of gorgeous flowers on every block. I’m trying to be more present…and look up from the phone more, you know. Am I the only one?

{bar bocce}

sausalito pizza

This is a must if you ever visit Sausalito. Bocce courts on the harbor, wine, pizza and super fresh salads. It’s a perfect spot for a lazy Sunday lunch.

There are many more things I could list but I have to hit the road!

Share with me, what’s one thing that has been making you happy this week?


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