GLAM Night

Glam Night Menlo Park Presbyterian Church High School Ministry
I recently had the honor of speaking to 100+ junior high and high school girls on the importance of healthy living. The event was wonderful, powerful and encouraging. The goal was to gather as many young girls as possible and remind them of their worth & value. The  evening focused on recognizing the messages we receive from the media, (see Beauty Pressure), allowed for opportunities to share struggles and provided skills to stay strong, confident and healthy throughout your high school years. A few women shared their stories regarding social pressure, eating disorders and addictions to shed light on issues that often go unmentioned.


My role was to speak on how to have a healthy view of diet and exercise. It was right up my alley and so much fun. I shared about finding balance, getting sleep and learning to listen to your body to know when you need rest. I also encouraged them to become “anti – fat talk” by not giving in to that kind of self-bashing that us girls can do. The night ended with a fun (and funny) Pilates workout as a group.

Glam Night Menlo Park Presbyterian Church High School Group

all the GLAMourous girls

Glam Night Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Me with two very inspiring women who participated in the event

  1. Katie 10 years ago

    Such an important age group to target for healthy eating and a positive body image. There is a new book out called ‘Women, Food and God” which really speaks to the connection between trusting your body/yourself in the areas of eating, relationships and spiritual practices.
    I am glad you are out there doing this important work and meeting a very specific need in your area.
    Katie xx

    • Robin Long 10 years ago

      thank you katie! yes, I love “Women, Food and God”. I quoted it in one of my other Mindful Monday posts. It’s a very interesting book with a lot of great insight. thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Amy 10 years ago

    You are such a great role model to these young girls! Yay Robin!! xx

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