Foam Roller Stretches for upper + lower back

Do you struggle with tension in your upper and lower back or are you looking to help improve your overall mobility?

Then this foam roller routine is for you!

In this quick workout, I’m going to lead you through a few stretches that you can do with your foam roller to help release tension in your upper and lower back, improve overall mobility, and feel good.

Click here to watch this video directly on youtube – these quick stretches are a perfect way to end another Pilates workout, run, or walk.

Give these stretches a try today – you’re going to feel so good when you’re done!


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  1. Antonio Vance 7 months ago

    This is great! (I’m sending these messages for my wife cause she works all the time) Lol

  2. Ahsen Ayyaz 5 months ago

    A good and informative workout content. I was looking for lower back stretches and here I got those.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. BlackTie CBD Flower 3 months ago

    Thanks for your article! I faced a similar situation. I also had some minor problems, and for a while I was looking for a way out to solve them. I turned to specialists. I think this is the best solution. When there is a problem, I try not to jump to conclusions, but to listen to the opinions of other people. That is why I am here! It’s hard to measure that 15 minutes is enough for a full body workout! I have to try it. There is evidence (from several of my friends) that even a short workout like this can help my back feel better. I’m looking forward to your new post, and I went to be treated))

    • We are so glad your friends are enjoying our workouts – and we can’t wait for you to experience how good they can help you feel too! ❤️

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