Feel Your Best At The Beach This Season

In honor of Monday’s Pilates Summer Series announcement I’m excited to share this guest post with you today.

Susan is a blogger for InStyleSwimwear.com, a luxury online retailer of fashionable designer swimwear, cover-ups, sandals and accessories. She whole-heartedly believes that you don’t have to be a size 2 to look beautiful in a swimsuit. It’s all about choosing styles that flatter your shape and make you feel great inside and out!

She’s a perfect fit for The Balanced Life isn’t she?

Since we have declared that we will NOT be afraid of our bikinis this year, I asked Susan to share a few tips on how to feel confident on the beach and find a suit that flatters your shape.


Feel Your Best at the Beach This Season

Although it has been a particularly brutal winter, time still seems to be flying by and we’ll soon be flipping our calendars over to reveal warmer months and sunnier days!

While most people look forward to the new life of spring and the carefree sunny days of summer, many people (women in particular) can very easily go from excited to anxious at the mere thought of slipping into a swimsuit.

While most of us have an area or two that we aren’t particularly fond of, we have to remember that there’s no such thing as a “perfect body” and you definitely don’t have to look like a supermodel to look fantastic in a swimsuit.

By changing our perceptions of ourselves combined with some fitness and style tips, you’ll be more than ready for beach season.


1. The first step is to take better care of yourself by adopting a more wholesome way of living, rather than an overly strict routine that leaves you miserable in both body and mind.

An easy way to improve your mindset, your flexibility, and your physique is to incorporate Pilates into your daily routine. Whether it’s beginning your morning with some deep stretching or unwinding at night with a few gentle exercises, Pilates helps transform and tone your body, helping to create a longer, leaner appearance. It also has been reported to help battle anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, increase flexibility, as well as numerous other health benefits. And since Pilates doesn’t require any special equipment, you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. It’s a no-brainer! (hint hint: the Pilates Summer Series kicks off May 12th!)


2. Take a more holistic approach to eating as opposed to going on a crash diet.

Stick to natural, unprocessed foods and remember that it’s OK to indulge from time to time. There are tons of resources and recipes online to help you make smarter decisions that still satisfy cravings. By eating cleaner and healthier overall, your mind will be clearer and your body will definitely thank you.

3. The last component to feeling your best at the beach is knowing which styles will flatter your particular shape and make you feel comfortable.

For example, if you’re bustier, try swimsuits with underwire that offer more overall support and coverage.

If you want to minimize your hips or thighs, consider a skirted or high-waisted bottom in a dark, solid color.

Also don’t be swayed by what is trendy or what you think you’re “supposed” to wear; if you’re forcing yourself to wear something that you are completely self-conscious in, you’re doing yourself a major disservice.

If two-piece bathing suits make you uncomfortable, the options for cute one-piece styles have never been more plentiful, and two-pieces are available in designs ranging from scandalously skimpy to modestly modern, meaning you can find a cut and style that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Still feeling less-than confident?

Make sure to choose a cover-up style that you love and want to show off; some styles like sarongs, printed shorts, rashguards and tunics can even be worn in the water!

The most important thing to remember as we head into this swimsuit season is that it’s not the size on the tag or the sexiness of the swimsuit that matters–it’s all about you. Here’s to an amazing beach season!

PS – the Pilates Summer Series is going to include a TON of free resources to help you prepare your body and mind for swimsuit season. It’s not just about working out and losing weight, it’s about smart choices, self-care and rediscovering your youthful summer confidence. Registration is open, I hope you’ll join us!


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