Jessica Honegger: respecting seasons, releasing shame and choosing connection over comparison

It’s easy to create unrealistic expectations when it seems like everyone around you has it figured out but you. Today, Jessica Honegger shares her own personal journey with comparison as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Jessica not only stays actively involved with her 3 children, but balances her business, Noonday Collection, The Going Scared Podcast, and recently released her first book, Imperfect Courage. 

In this episode, Jessica discusses how she’s learned to surrender perfectionism and embrace her current season of life. She provides an empowering anecdote of an encounter with another mom, how she’s managed to adjust to major life transitions, and how to let go of control. Join Robin in this intimate and encouraging interview. 

Show Highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • Learning to appreciate the present moment and enjoying the season you’re in
  • Choosing celebration and connectivity instead of comparison  
  • Advice to live a fulfilled and balanced life 

Balancing Career + Motherhood

  • Jessica discusses her current career and the different projects she’s working on 
  • How Jessica started her own company while balancing being a mother and wife 
  • The progress of Jessica’s office space and cultivating an office culture 
  • How to adjust to different business systems during different life transitions

Releasing shame + perfectionism

  • Letting go of perfectionism and releasing control in order to validate yourself 
  • Dictating what to prioritize and what to release 
  • The journey of acceptance and the process of transformation 

Self-care + fitness journey

  • What a self-care regimen looks like for Jessica 
  • Approaching exercise as a positive process as opposed to a punishment 

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    I love my Noonday bracelet!

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