Danielle Walker: autoimmune disease, challenges of childcare and the healing power of food

Going against the grain can be uncomfortable, especially when it comes to food. Today’s guest, Danielle walker, is a gluten-free chef, 3 time New York Times bestselling cookbook author, and blogger.

Danielle started her grain free journey in 2007 when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and was forced to make major lifestyle and diet shifts. She has found a way to live functionally and comfortably with her disease, all while juggling being a mom, and sharing her healing tips with the world. 

In this interview, Danielle shares how she makes it all work by investing in reliable childcare, prioritizing her self-care, and utilizing her planner. Join Robin Long in this interview to learn more about how Danielle lives her balanced life. 

Danielle Walker // Against All Grain on The Balanced Life Podcast

Show Highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • How Danielle’s diagnosis shifted her diet and daily life 
  • Focal points for self-care and being in tune with personal needs 
  • Turning down the noise of people around you 
  • Letting go of guilt and insecurities 

Living with an autoimmune disease

  • Using yoga and physical activity to treat autoimmune disease 
  • Experimenting with food to improve autoimmune disease 
  • What exercise looks like in Danielle’s life and how she fits it in her schedule 

Prioritizing family + keeping a schedule

  • Establishing priorities and utilizing a planner 
  • The benefits and challenges of working from home 
  • Shifting to a more sustainable child care arrangement 
  • Tips for grocery shopping and meal planning 

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Danielle Walker // Against All Grain on The Balanced Life Podcast
  1. Diane 3 years ago

    I already follow Danielle Walker on Instagram, but will further check out her website. Loved your chat with her and your podcast. This is the second one I listed to today, lol.☺️

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