Lessons learned during a pandemic

As the world has slowed down over quarantine, we’ve all learned plenty of lessons. Whether those have to do with appreciation, relationships, time management, or health, it’s likely you’ve discovered things about your day-to-day life that you didn’t know before. In this episode, Robin shares a few of the top lessons she’s learned during quarantine.

She shares ways she’s learned to manage her daily consumption of information, the importance of prioritizing your immune health, and how she’s gained a new appreciation for the little things. Join Robin in this episode to learn more about the lessons she’s learned and how they can help you.

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • How the pandemic has highlighted the gift of digital connection
  • How The Sisterhood has allowed for support and connection
  • How Robin prioritizes the little things in day-to-day life
  • Why who we listen to and what we consume on a daily basis matters
  • The importance of good health and strong immune systems
  • The value and importance of rhythm and routines

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  1. cbd gummies dosage 2 years ago

    I liked this episode, somehow it passed very quickly and was easily perceived. In general, I probably agree with everything. Quarantine has really changed our whole life – it has changed our habits, attitudes and even our surroundings. Accordingly, we have learned a lot and will learn even more, because I do not think that the virus will pass soon, unfortunately.
    In general, the main lesson for me was the credo “Live today”. In the past, I often put things off until later, just planning everything. And here I understand that plans can break and we never know what will happen tomorrow. So now I always say “YES” and it’s cool)

  2. Valjean Wykstra 2 years ago

    I enjoyed this episode. Especially as Robin talked about how the little things became the big things. For example: texting became more important, intentionally thinking through how to meet with family and friends outside, FaceTime, fab, hangouts. Definitely more exercise, reading a good book. Even spending more time having conversation with family and friends.

    Overall I have received the gift of appreciating the little things in life. These are the things that make life real and worth living for.

    • Jackie 2 years ago

      We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode, Valjean!

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