Tina Lifford: self-talk, well-being, and how our thoughts affect our lives

When we think fitness, we tend to jump to workouts and diets, but mental health is a major and important aspect of fitness. Having a healthy relationship with our thoughts and patterns is the most fundamental step to creating a happier and sustainable lifestyle. 

Todays guest, Tina Lifford, is not only a critically acclaimed Hollywood actress from Parenthood and Queen Sugar, but is also the CEO of the Inner-Fitness Project. The Inner-Fitness Project gives people the strategies and tools they need in order to properly self-reflect and create awareness within themselves. 

Join Robin in this fascinating episode to learn more about how to interrupt old thought patterns and exercise your internal choices. 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • What a typical day looks like for Tina
  • Maintaining habits when traveling 
  • Incorporating movement into daily life that fits your personal preferences
  • Deepening awareness of your thoughts and how you can challenge your thinking 
  • How to dismantle old beliefs and establish a new way of thinking 
  • The importance of recognizing how thoughts manifest and how to let go of thoughts that are not serving you 
  • Creating awareness for past experiences in order to manage sabotaging cycles 
  • Creating strategies to interrupt old patterns and engage with it in a way that will create healthier patterns 
  • What is an inner-fitness workout and how to practically make change 

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  1. John 9 months ago

    Tina Lifford is awesome! Thank you for such a great post!!!

  2. Healing Mama 8 months ago

    This is great! Both for better and for worse, thoughts becoming beliefs that become a way of life can leave a lasting impact we aren’t even aware of.

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