Creating your optimal health routine with April Perry

We often overcomplicate exercise and eating healthy, but finding a balanced routine that benefits and compliments your individual needs doesn’t have to be difficult. 

In this conversation, April Perry interviews Robin Long on how to create an optimal health routine and integrating habits that honor your season of life. Robin discusses how to build strength in all areas of life by using small wins to motivate and build confidence, as well as many other tips you can implement into your own daily routine. 

Join Robin and April in this enlightening and motivating conversation!

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • Creating an optimal health routine that’s reflective of personal needs 
  • How to re-center when life throws you off balance and the many factors of finding a healthy routine  
  • Being conscious of your tell-tale signs of being off balance 
  • Integrating small steps to add more movement into your day 
  • How to establish maintainable habits and challenge yourself without getting discouraged 
  • Why Pilates is so effective and beneficial for the body 
  • How to get started doing 15 minutes of Pilates a day 
  • Results and benefits you’ll see from incorporating physical activity in your life 
  • Learning to have a healthy relationship with food and nourishing your body 

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  1. Jenny 2 years ago

    I am a 39-year-old mother of four. I first heard about you from this interview with April Perry. I did the 5- day stress-relief challenge and then found your 30-day Pilates body challenge on youtube. I love your gentle instruction and short videos. I used the gentle stretching routine when I didn’t feel up to the exercise of the day. My body is using muscles that haven’t been used in such a long time (ever?). It makes life much easier. Thank you!

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