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Today is an exciting and special solo episode with the host herself, Robin Long! Robin is a Pilates instructor, CEO of the Balanced life, and is passionate about helping women live their most authentic and fulfilling life. 

In this solo episode, Robin covers every aspect of life from her morning routine to taking care of her children. She shares her journey of learning to connect with her body in a positive and healthy way, how counseling has boosted her confidence and her marriage, and how she sets boundaries on social media. To hear Robin’s life, health, and marriage advice tune into this episode of The Balanced Life. 

Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

A career in Pilates

  • How Robin got involved in Pilates and her career prior to being an instructor 
  • How Pilates can help get over anxiety and how it changed Robin’s life 
  • What it’s like behind the scenes of filming on the beach 
  • Handling private and public life on social media by setting boundaries 

Marriage + Parenthood

  • Robin’s family and how she met her husband 
  • Making time for your spouse and maintaining a healthy relationship 
  • How counseling has benefitted Robin’s marriage and created a support system for her 
  • Robin’s experience with nursing and how long she intends on doing it 
  • Robin’s top parenting hacks 

Real life + behind the scenes

  • What Robin’s morning and night-time routine currently looks like
  • Quick and easy go-to meals 
  • Scheduling work-outs and integrating activity during pocket time 
  • Rapid fire session of Robin’s favorite beauty and life go-to’s
  • The last thing that made Robin cry and the outcome of the situation 
  • Learning to manage daily stress and how Robin’s faith has carried her through difficult situations  

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