Ashlee Gadd: FOMO, decision fatigue and trying again tomorrow

Ashlee may not make her bed, volunteer at every school event, or keep her kid’s hair Met-Gala ready, but she does manage email like a boss, use her gifts to encourage women, and mother 3 amazing children. 

Ashlee Gadd is the founder of Coffee and Crumbs, a mothering community with an array of resources to support and encourage mothers to steward their creativity. In this interview, Ashlee shares how she makes practical tips to simplify daily life, the challenges she faces with setting boundaries as a stay-at-home working mom, and the importance of giving yourself grace. Join Robin Long in this episode, for insightful tips and a dose of inspiration. 

Show Highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode!

  • Who Ashlee is and what her current season of life looks like 
  • The origin story of Coffee and Crumbs 
  • Letting go of expectations and giving yourself grace each day

Encouraging others through C+C

  • Writing in an intentional way that cultivates life
  • Helping people within a capacity that leaves space for your priorities  
  • Finding inspiration and committing to ideas when they come 

Prioritizing and saying no

  • Identifying Ashlee’s top values and how she finds time to prioritize them 
  • Letting go of extracurricular activities and anything that doesn’t support your current season of life 
  • Tasks Ashlee doesn’t prioritize in this season of life 

Balancing work + motherhood

  • What Ashlee’s daily commitments look like balancing work and motherhood
  • Creating a system to handle emails as effectively as possible 
  • The biggest challenges that accompany juggling work and family time

Creating healthy habits

  • Eating a balanced diet and practicing intuitive eating 
  • How and when Ashlee finds time to grocery shop and meal prep
  • What exercise looks like in Ashlee’s life 

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