Couples Money // Marlow's Pilates Story

Hi Beauties,

I’m excited to share a post with you today that’s slightly different than what you’re used to seeing here on The Balanced Life. My client, Marlow, is a very successful woman in the financial planning industry and has written a book that I think may be of interest to many of you.

I know Marlow personally (she is a rockstar in my Monday night reformer class) and believe that she has some really, really valuable things to share in her book and upcoming online course.

You know me  by now and know that I don’t promote or share anything that I wouldn’t personally sign up for myself. The more I’ve gotten to know Marlow the more interested I am in how she is intentionally caring for her future by taking care of her health AND her finances.


Here’s a little bit more about Marlow’s Pilates story…

“After years of living with pain from Scoliosis, and numerous people (including my chiropractor) telling me to do Pilates I finally have made the commitment.  That was about one year ago.

What caused me to finally take that step?

Besides the increasing pain and discomfort, it was the fear of living to be 100 and that pain being 10 times worse.

I am in the financial services industry and often talk to clients about making sure they have enough wealth to last if the live to 100 or beyond…I have also walked the walk and made sure that I have certain things in place so I do not run the risk many Americans face – outliving their money.

Health and wealth is an important combination that many people overlook.

It’s hard to have one without the other.

If you take care of your health and live a long life, you run the risk of out- living your money.

You can also have money to retire, but not have the energy or health to enjoy the later years of life.

I have  a lot of longevity in my family, so I could live 100 or far beyond. I came to the realization that my back pain wouldn’t kill me, but it could make for a very uncomfortable retirement with back pain and inability to enjoy my retirement years!

It was that realization that motivated me to finally commit to Pilates.


I want to do whatever I can to make my retirement as comfortable as possible with wealth and my health!  It has now become a part of my weekly routine, and I am so glad I made that decision!”

I really do think this is such an important concept to consider…what do you want your later years in life to look like? What can you do to make sure that you are setting yourself for success in the years to come?

I’m getting ready to read the book that Marlow and her husband, Chris, wrote together, Couples Money, and will be utilizing the many resources she provides. I love that she brings relationship dynamics into the financial picture, because if you’re married you know that’s such a huge part of it all!

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about this you can join Marlow for a free teleseminar tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 (mountain time). The good news is if you can’t be on the call live she’ll send you a link so you can listen to it on your own time.


I thought this may be of interest to many of you as you’re working toward your health visions and trying to create more balance, health and wealth into your lives.

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!


PS – this is not a paid endorsement. I just love Marlow as my client and love what she is doing! 🙂

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