Cold-Brew Iced Coffee

It’s no secret that I have a Starbucks obsession.

I treat myself more often than most.

The funny thing is, I drink decaf these days. So it’s not even a physical caffeine addiction I’m dealing with, it’s purely emotional.

But some days I choose an at-home brew to satisfying my coffee cravings.

I love the coffee ritual and the way it helps me signify the transitions of my day.

As you read in this post, being a work-at-home/working mom calls for a constant shifting of gears. So the coffee ritual helps me through the chaos of the day.

In the morning, it’s a warm mug of coffee while I check emails and play with my little girl.

And sometimes, in the afternoon it’s a refreshing, iced, cold-brew when I sit down to tackle emails, blog posts and other online tasks.

I make a batch every now and then to have on hand for when the craving strikes.

I mix mine with rice milk (because of my current diet) but prefer unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Coconut milk would work well too.


1 cup course-ground coffee beans (I use decaf)

4 cups cold water


In a large pitcher combine the coffee grounds and water. Let the mixture sit overnight to “brew.”

The next day, simply filter the grounds either using a coffee filter (slower but more precise) or cheese cloth (quicker but may take a few strains to remove all the grounds).

The best thing about cold-brew coffee is that since it doesn’t use heat, it produces a nice, smooth flavor.

Serving Suggestion:

Fill a cup with ice, 1/2 – 1 cup of cold-brew coffee and 1/2 – 1 cup of vanilla rice/almond/coconut milk.


PS –  you may also like Skinny Vanilla Almond Milk “Latte” and Banana, Date & Almond Butter Smoothie

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  1. JODIE 7 years ago

    THANKS FOR SHARING. I missed the deadline to sign up for the on line workout. Hopefully you will do another one soon.

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