Clean + Simple Challenge // Day Two

Hi Beauties!

It’s day #2 of the Clean + Simple Challenge and today’s assignment is to hydrate that beautiful body of yours.

NEXT STEP: Once you complete today’s assignment CLICK HERE to leave a comment on today’s Facebook post. I want to hear how you feel when you up your water intake!

Don’t forget to join me on Facebook at 9:30 am, PST // 12:30 pm, EST for a live chat to dive deeper in to today’s topic. We’ll talk about why hydration matters and tips for making it more effortless and enjoyable.

Cheers to healthy, hydrated bodies and improving our diets, one baby step at a time!



PS –  Looking for extra credit? Add lemon to your water for a detoxifying boost.

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  1. Liz 12 months ago

    Thanks! Great idea to drink incrementally through the day and to set the phone to remind you.

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