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I could not be more excited about sharing today’s post with you.

I have the honor and privilege of highlighting one of my dearest online clients. We have been working together over the past year and it has been a joy and inspiration to watch her transform and evolve in incredible ways.

She has done The Pilates Balance Program 3 times. Which brings me so much joy. 🙂

Over the course of 6 months she lost 40 lbs (!), and over the past 3 years she has lost 80 lbs. Talk about transformation.

More than that, she has reclaimed her confidence, her health and her passion for living life well. She is a true inspiration. I hope you enjoy her ‘Pilates before and after’ story…


Hi Carolyn! What did you find most helpful about The PBP?

The Pilates Balance Program has completely changed my life.

Prior to meeting Robin I was on a long, slow road to lose weight. I was working with a personal trainer, and seeing results, but they were slow.

Changing my diet made all the difference in the world. I was able to jump start my weight loss and kick it high gear. I was able to cut back on my previous workouts which were lengthier and more physically exhausting, replace them with the Pilates workouts, and my body responded with flying colors, long, lean and incredibly toned.


How has The Pilates Balance Program influenced your life? 

The PBP has completely changed my life, I’m a broken record.

The confidence that The Pilates Balance Program has given me is incredible. Due to weight loss, I have more self-confidence in my appearance, and it just makes me feel better as a person. I know I am healthier and stronger now than I have ever been in my life.

Feeling happy in your own skin has a ridiculous effect on your entire well-being.


What changes have you noticed in your body and health since starting The PBP?

I started my first round of The Pilates Balance Program in March, another round in June, and a third round in September.

In that time I have seen a total weight loss of 46 pounds, 7.5 inches lost from my waist, 7 inches from my hips, 2.5 from my upper arm and 4 inches from my thighs…

I am practically half the size I was when I started, people don’t recognize me if I haven’t seen them in a couple months. The tone that I have in my arms is considerable and the strength in my core is something I have never had before.

What was it like working with Robin?

Robin is outrageously supportive, realistic, down-to-earth and motivating.

Her emphasis of living with grace and finding the right balance for YOU is a simple and wonderful approach, which some may think is too good to be true. Robin has figured out how to empower women to be a graceful, balanced beautiful woman that is happy in her own skin and can exude that happiness for all to see.


What did you find sets The Pilates Balance Program apart from other programs you’ve tried?

I have tried so many different approaches to weight loss, and this has BY FAR had the biggest impact.

I think the nutrition component made a HUGE difference for me. I also think that trusting Robin and the Program is key. If you have ever struggled with weight loss, and have tried hours at the gym on a daily basis, and tried every diet fad under the sun – this Program might seem too “easy” to have such amazing results.

The combination of a guided nutrition plan with options for even the pickiest of eaters, in combination with the flexibility of 4 workouts whenever is good for your schedule, provides a program that EVERYONE can make work.


What is the most important thing people should know about The Pilates Balance Program?

It’s a lifestyle change. An amazing wonderful lifestyle change that becomes easy to embrace once you get past the initial change in routine. The idea of meal planning was overwhelming in the beginning, but now it has become a breeze and I can’t imagine planning my meals any other way.

Anything else you’d like to share?

My weight loss journey has been challenging and very hard work, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have become more confident than I ever imagined and feel wonderful each and every day, knowing how far I have come and how proud I should be of my dedication.

Robin has been more than just a fitness coach. Robin helped pull me through some very emotional personal struggles, and helped instill her concepts of grace and beauty and being “real”, I don’t know if I could have been as strong without her support.

This program and Robin have literally changed my life, give it a chance, what are you waiting for…?


4th of July 2013 vs. 4th of July 2014

Thank you, Carolyn! You are one of the most inspiring women I know and I’m grateful that although you started as a client, you have become a friend. I’m excited to watch you continue on your journey and continue to inspire others along the way!

If you’re interested in joining The PBP on March 8th, there are still a few spots left and 1 day left to snag the FREE bonus workout.

CLICK HERE to read more and secure your spot.




Please note: These are Carolyn’s real photos and this is her honest, personal journey. Images have not been edited or retouched in any way as you would normally see on a health & fitness site (you’d be surprised how often that happens). If you are inspired, please post a comment and show her some love. She is brave and beautiful and deserves an extra dose of sisterly love for sharing her journey with us. 🙂

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  1. Ginny 5 years ago

    Carolyn thanks for sharing your story and your experience. I know it had to take courage to put yourself out there like that. Your results are fabulous! I am really looking forward to joining Robin in her next PBP program.

  2. Miray 5 years ago

    You look amaaazing Carolyn!! Thank you so much for sharing! You’re such an inspiration!

  3. April Pagliassotti 5 years ago

    Carolyn, congratulations on achieving and maintaining your goal! You look great, but more importantly, you look like you *feel* great! It really shows; you’re glowing!

  4. Linnea 5 years ago

    Carolyn, you are seriously amazing. So inspiring.

  5. Cori 5 years ago

    You are incredible, Carolyn! It’s so inspiring and motivating to hear your story in more detail, and I am just so dang impressd with your muscle tone! Thanks for sharing about your journey and for reminding me how important it is to stick to the PBP plan – I’ve gone off plan since life for really busy, but seeing your results is definitely motivating me to get back to it! You are beautiful!!

  6. Jen L 5 years ago

    Carolyn, your contributions in the PBP September are so inspiring and I am just in awe of your strength and accomplishments. Congratulations on this and so many things, you look AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Holly 5 years ago

    Wow, Carolyn! Your physical transformation is amazing and it’s clear to see that your emotional/mental transformation has been great as well! Great job, your story is such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  8. Lori Powell 5 years ago

    Amazing transformation!! Kudos!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Ron 5 years ago

    Hottie! So proud of you!

  10. Natalie Cain 5 years ago

    Carolyn what an inspiration you are! Thanks for sharing your story! You look amazing!!!

  11. Celeste Crosby 5 years ago

    Awesome!! Thanks for sharing. Brings a bit of encoragement for me!

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