Body Image and Pregnancy

Even though gaining weight is a natural part of pregnancy, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

What IS easy is being misled by photos of beautiful women modeling maternity clothes or celebrities who seem to expand only in the belly.

The truth is, pregnancy weight gain looks different for everyone. 

Some gain a lot, some gain a little, some feel it all over and some feel it is specific places.

maternity dress


For whatever reason, my body decides that it’s needs BOOTY and HIPS to carry a life. It’s like the minute I get that double pink line *boom* my body starts changing.

A lot of people warned me about the misery of being pregnant during the hot summer months, but so far, I’m finding it much more comfortable than my winter pregnancy. Primarily because I get to wear less clothing, loose comfy clothing and most importantly….maxi dresses.

Pregnant or not you can find me in a maxi dress most days. Call it a “signature style” or call it an extreme desire to be comfortable, I hope the trend never dies.

pink blush maternity

When Pink Blush Maternity asked me to try out a few of their pieces I couldn’t turn them down. Since I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy, I chose a few pieces that are pregnancy AND nursing friendly (dressing for breastfeeding takes more planning that I ever imagined). I love knowing that I can wear these dresses through the fall while I’m still in that awkward postpartum body phase and attempting to discreetly nurse a newborn all over town.

I love them both, but when I wear the coral dress (pictured above) I get SO many compliments. It’s almost comical. It does have a really flattering cut and makes me feel very feminine which is nice as my body feels more and more like that of a whale.  🙂


Looking back on this pregnancy, I’d say I struggled the most with my body image in the early days. Within the first few months my body changed in significant ways. That initial change was hard because there wasn’t much to show for it as far as a baby bump goes. As I got bigger and further along, I was able to embrace my changing body with more ease and acceptance.

When it comes to body image and pregnancy finding clothes that make me feel comfortable and beautiful really helps. For example, I bought a pair of super cute maternity cut-offs and have worn them exactly ONE time because they just don’t make me feel good and they ride up in all the wrong places.

It’s interesting to be at the end of this pregnancy, trying to embrace my body as it is right now and also preparing for yet another season of change that will soon begin.

maternity dress

I plan on sharing very openly and honestly about my postpartum journey because I am so passionate about us women coming together to share our REAL stories.

I may not have the same reach that US Magazine does when they talk about how celebrities magically “get their bodies back” within a few weeks but that won’t stop me from trying to spread an authentic message of grace, body acceptance, health, wellness and balance on my postpartum journey. I hope you’ll join me in this mission. Together we can make a change.



PS – you may also enjoy How Pregnancy Has Changed My Relationship with Food, Exercise and My Body and my FREE Prenatal Pilates Series.

Clothing c/o Pink Blush Maternity

Black Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress

Coral Crochet Back Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress


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  1. Urban Wife 6 years ago

    Robin, you look wonderful and healthy! I’m all about the authentic message of grace over guilt especially during those rough postpartum months. Can’t wait to ‘meet’ your little guy! 🙂

  2. Sarah Beth 6 years ago

    My butt went flat when I was pregnant….I hoped it would come back! You look beautiful.

  3. Marcie M. 6 years ago

    You look absolutely beautiful Robin! I love your blog so much. Reading it is like a breath of fresh air. You are so inspiring and I love the way I feel after reading your posts. So excited for you to meet your baby boy!

  4. Keri C. 6 years ago

    Robin you look amazing and I love those dresses so cute and comfortable. I agree and love your outlook about pregnancy/postpartum. As always you are so real and give words and thoughts from your heart. Congrats and best wishes to the new baby and your family.

  5. Missy Y. 6 years ago

    You look great and have such a wonderful outlook. I am new to your blog and am really looking forward to hearing about your postpartum journey. I am a first time mom to a beautiful six-week old baby girl. Being a mom and parenting is much more demanding and much more rewarding than I ever thought! I’m trying to soak in all her movements, looks, and sounds though because I know it goes by so quickly. At the same time, I am recovering from an unplanned C-section, trying to cope with changes in my body (i.e. stretch marks, mummy tummy, etc.), and learning how to nurture life and be a mother.

    Before my husband and I became pregnant, I taught Pilates and had just started getting into Barre. Well, I taught up until my second trimester. Now six weeks postpartum, I have thoughts in my mind like, “Will I ever be able to do a roll up again?” and “How will I ever be able to wear a swimsuit with these stretch marks around my belly button?”. Honestly, I’m struggling with it.

    Really looking forward to hearing about your journey, experiences, and what you have to share. Congrats and best wishes as you bring your new baby into this world!

    • Robin Long 6 years ago

      Hi Missy! Welcome to TBL! 🙂 And congratulations on our little one. It sounds like we have a lot in common. And truly, I can relate to how you’re feeling. After my first I could barely do toe taps properly even 6 weeks after giving birth. I think because we are instructors we are very in tune with how our core muscles SHOULD work and feel so the postpartum period feels bizarre. I think a lot of people dive back into core workouts who aren’t necessarily in touch with how it SHOULD feel. But the good news is that you honor the process the strength comes back quicker than you think. Don’t be afraid to start SMALL and progress in a very beginner way. You’ll be back to yourself soon. And I’m glad you’ll be following along as I go through this again – I’m sure no two experiences are alike! xoxo

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