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As many of you know, a few months back I started writing for Nellie, a new online magazine for women. The vision behind Nellie is right in line with my hopes and goals for The Balanced Life. We’re a match made in heaven.

Nellie is currently on hold because the editor in chief, Natalie, recently found out she is pregnant (congratulations Natalie!!).

Nellie Writers Blog Collab

But through Nellie I’ve met some amazing bloggers.

I choose bloggers to follow much like I choose my friends…strong character, genuine personalities, positive, fun…I’m picky about the information I take in on a regular basis (more on this soon…)

The women behind these blogs are the real deal. They are high quality women putting their passions and gifts out in into the world.

(side note: did you know I rarely read other health & fitness blogs? I get enough of that in my own life so I’m drawn to blogs that are different from my own.)

So without further ado, here are few blogs I’ve been loving lately…

Lush To Blush

Lush To Blush

You may recognize Megan Elliott, the stylist and writer behind the fashion lifestyle blog, Lush to Blush from my most recent “Real Women, Real Balance” interview.

As an avid lover of the earth, Megan has been a vegetarian for seven years. She finds comfort in coffee, scented candles and a beautiful pair of shoes.

At Lush to Blush, you’ll find a collection of all things lovely. From personal style, Megan’s favorite things, and beauty tutorials to weekly giveawaysrecipes and DIYs. You’re sure to find something that inspires you. Megan’s goal is to create a space for you to get away for a little bit and just relax.

(ps – Megan is a fun one to follow on Instagram.)


Lipstick Gospel

Stephanie May is equal parts writer and celebrator who believes that even Tuesday is worthy of a champagne toast. She believes in the healing power of a warm cup of coffee and a place to let your guard down. For her, that space is The Lipstick Gospel, where she shares stories of big adventures and small moments with friends and strangers alike.

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@lipstickgospel) and stay tuned for her first book coming Summer 2014.


Art In The Find

A California native, self-proclaimed closet style junkie, cuisine exploring, travelista. Conni always had a secret passion to do more, see more, learn more. She loves a warm cup of coffee in the morning, a glass of bubbly at night (or anytime for that matter), making new friends, a great book, & planning her next vacation (always in the works!).

She may have an addiction to Doritos and be obsessed with anything related to dachshunds. 🙂

Art in the Find was created out of a love of sharing what Conni finds with others. She believes there’s an art in the find. Art in the Find is a place where you can find style inspiration, the occasional DIY idea, features on small businesses & recommendations for fun places to eat, stay, and shop! Be sure to find her on Facebook too.

Have you discovered any new blogs lately? I’d love to hear about them. 🙂



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