The Balanced Life Sisterhood is a monthly membership program designed to help busy women sculpt a slim, strong Pilates body from the comfort of their own home while connecting with like-minded women around the world.

Do you struggle to find time for exercise?

Is it hard for you to stay consistent?

I can relate. As a business owner and mom of 2 I know what it’s like to be strapped for time. That’s exactly why I created The Balanced Life Sisterhood.

The Sisterhood provides quick & effective at-home Pilates workouts to help you feel good in your body again. You’ll gain strength, tone up and boost your confidence in a way that you never thought possible.

By following The Sisterhood's monthly workout calendar you can expect to:

Reduce your workout time but see better results!
Build core strength and tighten your waistline.
Improve posture and flexibility.
Feel supported and encouraged by a community of like-minded women.
Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm.
Boost your confidence and overall happiness levels.

As a Sisterhood member, each month you'll receive:

Monthly Workout Calendar

workouts range from 10-40 minutes

New Full-Length Pilates Workout

fully downloadable and yours to keep

Workout Library

a searchable library to find a Pilates or barre workout that fits your mood

Recipe Bundle

with healthy and delicious recipes

Monthly Missions

to focus on one area of mental/emotional well-being

Interactive Community

of like-minded women

Mobile Friendly

for on the go

Member Only Discounts

on other Balanced Life programs and brands you'll love

Monthly Plan

billed monthly

Annual Plan*

equivalent of getting 3 months FREE

*Full refunds offered within 30 days of purchase for Annual Memberships

The Sisterhood is more than an exercise program-it is a positive and balanced way of life!

Rachael H., Sisterhood Member since June 2016

Coming from a background in fitness AND being a former instructor, I can honestly say that The Sisterhood has been the best program I have ever done.

Kristie F., Sisterhood Member since January 2015

Every woman should be a member of The Sisterhood!!

Jeannine L., Sisterhood Member since March 2016

I’ve never seen anything like the encouragement of the women in the Sisterhood.

Jessi F., Sisterhood Member since March 2016

Exercise has always been a punishment or negative activity. Now it’s something that I look forward to every day.

Jessi F., Sisterhood Member since March 2016

The Sisterhood has given me not only a manageable way of keeping healthy and strong, but also it’s given me a community of supportive women I can call on for encouragement and advice.

Kelly F., Sisterhood Member since December 2015






Monthly Plan

billed monthly

Annual Plan*

equivalent of getting 3 months FREE

*Full refunds offered within 30 days of purchase for Annual Memberships

Your Membership, Your Impact

When you invest in your health through The Balanced Life, you’re also investing in women all around the world. Because with every Sisterhood membership, you support women in need.

Women for Women International provides marginalized women with the opportunity to come together with other women through their social & economic empowerment program to share experiences, access healthcare, learn their rights, manage their health, improve their family’s nutrition and so much more.

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