Balance In Me: An Interview With Anastasiya Goers

I’m so excited to share an interview I did with Anastasiya Goers from Balance In Me. She is truly an inspiration in balanced living and I’m honored that she took the time to share her life and tips here on The Balanced Life.  She is a perfect fit for the “Real Women. Real Balance.” series as she is a busy mother of twin girls, a wife, a fitness enthusiast, an author and a Pilates instructor (love that!). Read on to learn more about her and hear her advice for bringing more balance into your life. I especially love her tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the midst of  a busy life. Be sure to read the full interview as she is introducing a very exciting new program that just might change your life…

1. Hi Anastasiya! First off, I’m curious, what inspired you to start your blog “Balance In Me”?

For many years I was looking for answers to make my life more balanced. It always seemed that working on just one area (health, career, family) was not enough to make my life complete. I also saw lives of my friends and how much they missed balance in their lives. When I decided to open a website i was looking for a topic that could summarize my life vision and the word “balance” definitely hit the spot.

2. What do you do when you’re not working on your blog?

Well, quite a lot actually. I am raising twin-girls (they are three and a half now), teach Pilates classes at a wonderful studio, work in web promotion with my husband, scuba dive, paddle board, spend as much time outside as possible, cook healthy dinners, run, clean the house (not my most favorite responsibility :-)), spend time with my friends, participate in the life of church and right now finishing up my first ebook. I probably forgot a few things along the way, but who counts, right? I guess my lifestyle definitely shows that you can balance it all and still remain a sane human being at the end 🙂

3. What is your favorite post on Balance In Me?

Wow, that’s a tough one. I guess it depends on what mood I am in and what I am going through at the moment.

I guess, if I am just looking for answers about what life is all about then I would choose

My Life is out of Balance

If I had to choose the post that described the most important lesson that I learned in life then I would go with

A Simple and Fast Guide To Patience For Impatient People

And if I had to choose the post that could improve lives of the largest amount of people then it would be

The Happy Couple Cheat Sheet: 15 Steps To A Balanced and Healthy Marriage (Relationship)

4. What does balance mean to you during your current season of life?

Right now balance for me means being a good mother and wife without losing myself. It means finding perfect harmony between my desires and goals and the needs of the people I love the most. Balance also means using my resources to the biggest benefit of people around me. These are the main reasons why I keep writing, teaching and giving to others; these are the reasons why I am looking forward to the start of every new day.

5. Who/what inspires you?

I find inspiration in pretty much anything around me whether it is my kids, my backyard or a courageous story of a cancer survivor. As you know October is a breast cancer awareness month that is why right now I hear all over the place about people who fight this horrible disease personally or who fight to find a cure. There is no single person that I would like to point out because in my opinion every person who does something with his/her life can inspire a tremendous ripple effect in the world. I think that to find inspiration we just need to open our eyes to the world around us.

6. What is your best tip for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the midst of a busy life?

Move as much as possible and cook simple meals.

A lot of times people think that they need to spend hours at the gym or working with a fitness trainer to stay active. The best thing one can do for their health is add small intervals of activity during the day whether it is walking for a little bit, doing a little bit of stretching in the middle of the work day or spending some active time with family and friends.

When it comes to healthy eating I believe in cooking simple meals with natural ingredients. Most of the meals that I cook for my family take 30 minutes or less to prepare and are packed with nutrients and wonderful flavors. I try to maintain natural flavors of foods (which means that I don’t have too cook them for too long) and add a pinch of spices to give my meals a special “mood.”

7. What projects are you currently working on for Balance In Me?

Right now I am about to launch the first home-study ecourse on BalanceInMe – Reclaim Your Life. It is a 15-days intensive that anyone can take from the comfort of their own home.

The course focuses on simplifying busy lifestyles, bringing more balance into any life, learning effective time management techniques that actually work, fighting bad habits and becoming a more balanced person all over.

I noticed that a lot of people (including me) tend to overextend themselves and at some point they lose track of where their lives are going and have no idea how to get them on the right track again. The course is the first-of-its-kind project consisting of a guidebook and a workbook with 54 practical exercises. I think that people are tired of “feel-good”, “think-happy-thoughts” type of materials that take time (and a lot of money) but bring absolutely no result. The course that I have created uses only proven-to-work strategies to reclaim life once and for all. It is highly customizable to meet different lifestyles and different life goals. I am very excited about helping people to live more balanced lives.

Thank you, Robin, for having me at your wonderful website!

Anastasiya Goers Balance In Me

If you’re interested in finding out more about Anastasiya’s ecourse be sure to click here: Reclaim You Life In 15 Days. I can’t wait to dive into the book and soak up all of the rich, practical advice she offers. Can you really deny an opportunity to invite more balance into your life? 

Questions for Anastasiya? Post them below!

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  1. Judy B 8 years ago

    Great interview with an inspiring woman! Question for Anastasiya: I’m going to be out of town during most of your ecourse 🙁 Will it be offered at any other times??

  2. Anastasiya 8 years ago

    Hi Judy,
    I am sorry for a late reply – I was out of town myself.
    The ecourse is a home-study course that you can take at your own time. Right now the registration is closed because I already have a group of people that I am helping at this moment.

    In about 2-3 weeks I will open registration again. The best way to stay up-to date is to subscribe to the email list that you can find here Reclaim your Life Book and I will contact you when the course is available again.

    Feel free to contact me personally if you have any other questions.

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