Back to the Mat: day #7

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You’ve made it to the final day of the Back to the Mat challenge. You should be VERY proud of the way you’ve stuck to the program, stayed consistent and completed your workout (even when it wasn’t easy).

We’re ending the challenge with a routine called Full Body Flow.

This workout is designed to challenge your body and your mind. I’ll lead you through a series of Pilates exercises that flow from one exercise to the next. You’ll build strength, boost your heart rate, and end the workout feeling like a million bucks.

I’m so impressed that you’ve made it this far. I sincerely hope that this is only the beginning for you and that you’ll continue with your Pilates workouts long after the challenge concludes. Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing more information soon on how you can keep this good thing going. The best is yet to come. 🙂


PS – Public enrollment for The Balanced Life Sisterhood will officially close on Thursday, September 21st, 2017 and will remain closed to the public until early 2018.

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  1. Sheryl 6 months ago

    Great week! Plan doing same next week😊

  2. Nancy 6 months ago

    Again Day 7 did not show up in my mailbox this morning…#6 showed up at 8:30 pm yesterday. Thanks for the challenge!

  3. Beverly 6 months ago

    Day 7 is done with some issues due to my asthma acting up but finished it

  4. P 6 months ago

    Done! Thank for the week of great workouts!

  5. Carol 6 months ago

    This challenge was great – completed all seven days. Enjoyed the reintroduction to Pilates.

  6. megmc77 6 months ago

    Loved this challenge so much that I joined the sisterhood!

  7. Jeanie Trapp 6 months ago

    I joined The Sisterhood too! The 7 days of workout was a great start. ❤

  8. Lisa 6 months ago

    Great week of workouts. It was my first introduction to Pilates and there is no excuse for me not to fit a 15 minute workout into my day. I’m hooked!

  9. Kim Ohlson 6 months ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Back to the Mat challenge and decided to join the sisterhood to keep it going. Is there a way I can save the Back to the Mat workouts in my favorites? I am not able to access the workouts now in my account. Thank you.

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