Back to the Mat: Day #5

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Now, on to day #5 of the Back to the Mat challenge…

While Pilates is my main thing, I also love teaching barre workouts. Barre is a great way to change things up, while continuing to focus on proper form and efficient movement. And it really helps you to feel the burn.

Today I’m leading you through a barre-inspired Pilates workout titled: Barre on the Beach.

You don’t need a barre for this routine, but if your balance is a little shaky, you may want to have a chair or countertop nearby.

In today’s workout, you’ll sculpt long, lean legs and improve your balance by challenging your core strength. Get ready to feel the burn!

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  1. Julie 8 months ago

    Another good workout, thank you

  2. Leah Wall 8 months ago

    I have limited ankle mobility which has never stopped me in Pilates but some of the moves today took some modification that made me uncomfortable with my knee movement- it was a good video & workout but maybe you would consider a Pilates only leg workout in the future? Without the barre inspiration?
    Thanks for the videos, they’re very good. Just what I needed.

    • Teddi Lamons 8 months ago

      Hi Leah! I’m so glad you’re loving the workouts. Great suggestion! Thanks so much for sharing it. Robin has created several leg workouts on the mat (no barre inspiration), and they’re all available to Sisterhood members!

  3. Lynne Neal 8 months ago

    Tough on my ankle…even after almost 2 years of recovery from a broken ankle in 3 places I have trouble with flexibility. This was good though doing what I can!

  4. mmmiller 8 months ago

    Great day! My legs feel it!

  5. Nancy Brown 8 months ago

    I need to work on that balance!!

  6. Lee Anna Hope 8 months ago

    Any ideas for crunchy sounding knees? Love these workouts!!

    • Teddi Lamons 8 months ago

      Hi Lee Anna! As long as you don’t have any pain, that popping is pretty normal. To help, you can try adjusting your position by turning your feet more inward. You can also adjust your squat by not going down as far. I hope that helps! 🙂

  7. Dionissia 8 months ago

    Day 5 done !
    I feel my body strong and unlocked

  8. Ellen 8 months ago

    Love this workout and all the workouts. I look forward to doing them every day. Thanks SO very much!

  9. Joanne 8 months ago

    Another great 15 minute work out! Thanks Sarah!

  10. Melinda 8 months ago

    This was a great way to switch things up. I had forgotten how much I like barre. Thank you!

  11. Mike Richards 8 months ago

    Thanks Again Robin! A fun workout!!!

  12. Sue 8 months ago

    Another Geary morning work out. Thanks for making me feel healthy Robin!

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