Back to the Mat: Day #4

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Good morning and welcome to Day #4 of the Back to the Mat challenge!

You’ve been working hard this week. You’re putting in the work. You’re getting on your mat. And your body is feeling it.

So today I’m leading you through a rejuvenating routine titled, Stretch & Release.

This workout is designed to:

  • release tension
  • lengthen tight muscles
  • reduce stress
  • improve flexibility

This 15 minute routine will provide the perfect break in your day for movement, breath, and self-care.




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  1. Mary 10 months ago

    Great stretch workout. Thanks for helping to slow me down.

  2. barb 10 months ago

    Loved the stretches! Thanks!

  3. Gwen I 10 months ago

    Aahhhhh … feel so good! Done❣️

  4. Nancy 10 months ago

    Nice stretch before Body Pump! Thank you!

  5. Angela Kane 10 months ago

    This has been fun. Great kick start to getting into a healthy pattern.

  6. Rachel 10 months ago

    Day 4 done! That was great! I might have to do it again later tonight!

  7. Nancy Hoke 10 months ago

    Day 4 completed ✅ was great stretching.

  8. Didi Wilson 10 months ago

    Really great, I have been practicing Pilates now for more than one year, in a studio mostly o a reformer. These mat classes provide a more instructional and challenging program. I’m glad I am experiencing mat + todays relaxing focus was exactly what I need to release tension. Thank YOU

    • Author
      Robin Long 10 months ago

      That’s great to hear Didi! So glad you’re enjoying them. 🙂

  9. Sheryl 10 months ago

    Thank you great class . I am enjoying it.

  10. Christan Perona 10 months ago

    Because of a super early morning meeting today, I didn’t complete workout #4 until this evening. So glad that I did! What a perfect way to end my day before taking a shower! I need to create more space for stretching into my daily/weekly rhythms.

  11. Paula 10 months ago

    Great stretches. Felt really good! Thank you!

  12. Annie 10 months ago

    Feels great– nicely paced and good mix. What a great complement to the other Back to the Mat workouts– I’d love to come back to this one multiple times per week.
    Thanks you so much!

  13. Kelli 10 months ago

    A great way to start the day! Thank you!!

  14. Cameron 10 months ago

    I love your stretch and relax days. I look forward to them especially with working in a kitchen all day.

  15. Michelle 10 months ago

    So we cannot go back and make up the days we missed? I was unable to make the workouts after day two and the videos are gone from the emails?

    • Sarah Stoll 10 months ago

      Now that the 7-Day challenge is over, the workouts are available for The Balanced Life Sisterhood Members. The Sisterhood is a monthly/annual subscription to a community dedicated to health, wellness, and balance. You can find more information, and join The Sisterhood, here:! We would love to welcome you, into The Sisterhood where you will have access to these workouts and much more!

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