Back to the Mat: Day #4

Good morning and welcome to Day #4 of the Back to the Mat challenge!

You’ve been working hard this week. You’re putting in the work. You’re getting on your mat. And your body is feeling it.

So today, I’m leading you through a rejuvenating routine titled: Stretch & Release.

This workout is designed to:

  • release tension
  • lengthen tight muscles
  • reduce stress
  • improve flexibility

This 15-minute routine will provide the perfect break in your day for movement, breath, and self care.

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  1. Amanda | Maple Alps 8 months ago

    Loving this challenge so far!

  2. Julie 8 months ago

    Another fab pilates day. Enjoyed the stretching. Thanks

  3. Cathy 8 months ago

    Good morning. I so needed this stretch it was a very long day sitting at the computer yesterday. Great stretching.

  4. Sheila Forgham 8 months ago

    Great stretching but the downward dog almost impossible due to recovering broken femur. But I did what I could and feel so much better for it!

  5. Joanne 8 months ago

    Day 4 and I feel restored! Thank you Robin!

  6. Joan 8 months ago

    Thank you, perfect way to stretch my sore muscles….LOVED IT!! Going to use this after every work out.

  7. Sue 8 months ago

    So peaceful,relaxing and rejuvenating! Thanks for another great workout Robin.

  8. Tiffany 8 months ago

    Thank you for doing this! These workouts are perfect and just what I need to get back into it! Definitely needed the stretch today!

  9. Ellen 8 months ago

    Ah stretching! My favorite! Another great workout! This series is terrific -thanks, once again, for posting them! We’re half-way through the challenge!

  10. Nancy Brown 8 months ago

    Day 4 in the books! Robin, how do you know this was a perfect day to de-stress!

  11. Mike Richards 8 months ago

    Thank you Robin. That was great!

  12. Mary 8 months ago

    I was able to view Day 4 today. I will double up to make up the past days. Thank you for your direction. Loved Day 4. Again, thank you. Mary Ann

  13. Romina 8 months ago

    LOVED all of the beautiful stretches that made me feel nice and loose after a day of teaching. I absolutely enjoy the daily exercises I’ve been getting.
    Thank you, Romina

  14. Krista 8 months ago

    Day 4 done!!! It was just what I needed today. Thank you so much!

  15. Janet Tegeler 8 months ago

    Awesome break. Loving it!

  16. Melinda 8 months ago

    This workout felt like a nice reward for reaching Day 4. Thank you and see you tomorrow!

  17. Nimita 8 months ago

    Thank you Robin, great end to my day!

  18. Erin Harper 8 months ago

    Loved today’s lesson just what I needed to end my day with. Thank you!πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’•πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  19. Kathy J Breen 8 months ago

    You are a natural instructor. Wonderful series!

  20. Dionissia 8 months ago

    Day4 done!
    Thank you Robin
    Amazing !

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