Back to the Mat: Day #3

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Welcome to Day #3 of the Back to the Mat challenge!

Ever feel like your lower body just needs a lift? Me too.

Today I’m giving you a lower body Pilates workout designed to tone, strengthen, and lift. In just 15 minutes you’ll work your hips, booty, thighs, and calves. And as always, your abs will get a great workout too.

Enjoy your workout!


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  1. Andrea 10 months ago

    Woohoo! I know I’ll feel this in my booty tomorrow!

  2. Kelli 10 months ago

    Loved it! Thanks, Robin! Just the right amount of burn to feel great starting the day!

  3. Cindi 10 months ago

    The booty burn, yea!

  4. Valerie 10 months ago

    Another great workout – thank you!

  5. Vicki 10 months ago

    Day 3 down what a great work out

  6. Yvonne Kaminski 10 months ago

    Great lower body workout! I can feel the burn! Thanks!

  7. Nancy 10 months ago

    Good workout hampered slightly by minor leg cramping in beginning.

    • Sarah Stoll 10 months ago

      So glad you joined us, Nancy! Be sure to stay super hydrated – hopefully it helps with the cramping!

  8. Tracy 10 months ago

    thank you. Any tips on the bridge pose exercises? Every time I do anything in a bridge, I get extreme back pain. Thanks.

    • Sarah Stoll 10 months ago

      So sorry to hear about your pain, Tracy! We definitely recommend speaking with your doctor about proper modifications – as Pilates should never cause pain!

  9. Barb 10 months ago

    I have no problem doing the exercises other than some cramping in my feet and the back of thighs, but for the past 2 days I have been in so much pain starting around 4 p.m. (doing this around 11 a.m.) Last night I had to use salon pas and aleve to be able to sleep. Pain in hip and down outside of leg…mostly on one side but some on both. I could hardly lay on my side. About half of the exercises I do around twice a week although yours are more intense and longer duration. Hoping to keep up as I do feel amazing after but the pain at night is not acceptable if it is going to be long term. Maybe it’s my age??? 66 LOL

  10. RJ 10 months ago

    When I turned 50 I started having awful hip pain. After my Dr confirmed by x-ray that it wasn’t arthritis, etc., then he recommended physical therapy. At physical therapy she taught me that all your booty muscles support your hips and when those muscles get weaker as you age it can make the hip joints painful from lack of support. Thus I started doing booty exercises regularly and oh my, what a relief!!!! I had been doing exercises and was active but apparently I still needed extra concentration of exercises on my booty. I’m thankful I learned a simple and free remedy to maintain hip health and eliminate hip pain.
    Thanks Robin, for your contribution to stronger bodies. You have a gifted presentation.

    • Barb 10 months ago

      Thank you RJ. Very helpful. I also had mri, nerve test and PT 18 mos. ago. I can’t say that the PT helped any but the pain eventually subsided. Now it is back. I will keep trying. Feeling ok tonight, but wearing a salon pas patch 😉

  11. Clare Grylls 10 months ago

    Day 3, check. Hardest so far for me but feeling accomplished and looking forward to more.

  12. Linda 10 months ago

    3 down !! woohoo

  13. Theresa Marks 10 months ago

    Couldn’t finish every one but I Tried!

  14. connieschweyer 10 months ago

    Wow. My thighs yeah

  15. Allison 10 months ago

    thank you so much for all the wonderful videos so far. As a runner, it is hard to find strengthening exercise routines that I like and that are do=-able. This was wonderful, strengthening and challenging while being relaxing at the same time. Cudos!

  16. Grace 10 months ago

    This series is making me want to join the sisterhood! Wondering when enrollment will open up… 🙂

    • Sarah Stoll 10 months ago

      Stay tuned, Grace – SOON! 🙂 We would be so excited to welcome you!

  17. Jackie Clark 10 months ago

    Hi Robin,

    I was wondering if you could give me another variation of the on the floor exercises where you have to lay on one side and than the other. I have A LOT of pain in my upper outer thighs when I lay on either side. Do you have any suggestions for a modification on any of the exercises that require you to be in this position?

    Thank You,


    • Sarah Stoll 10 months ago

      Hi Jackie! We are sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing! We definitely we recommend you speak with your doctor about the best modifications for your situation and body. You are welcome to modify however you need – as Pilates should never cause you pain.

  18. Paula 10 months ago

    Done, a day behind.

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